In the previous episodes of "Days of Our Lives," Gabi (Camilla Banus) is heartbroken after finding out that Chad (Billy Flynn) is still in love with his ex-wife, Abigail (Marci Miller). Now that Chad and Abby are working out for their future together for the second time, Gabi is left on her own to mend her broken heart. However, Eli (Lamon Archey) came into the picture again. He instantly became Gabi’s knight in shining armor when he saved her from the commissioner who held her hostage. Gabi wanted to show Eli that she appreciates his efforts. The two ended up sharing a kiss.

Now, is there a chance for Gabi and Eli to further their relationship into something romantic for the second time?

Will Eli pursue Gabi again?

According to "DOOL" spoilers, Gabi and Eli may have a future together. TV Overmind suggested that their kiss might allow them to explore new moments together. This might open another possibility for the pair to give love another shot.

Gabi was scared and Eli was there to save her. She was broken hearted after Chad chose his ex, Abby, over her and Eli was still there. There is definitely an attraction between the two, but the big question is, will this work for the pair this time around?

Another "Days" spoiler suggests that Eli and Gabi will be getting too close for comfort in the next episodes.

Unfortunately, his grandmother, Julie (Susan Seaforth) will not approve his budding romance with Gabi. Julie wants him to find someone who hasn't murdered a family member. The old lady is still not over how Gabi shot Nick (Blake Berris) to death. However, the FBI agent will urged Julie to accept it instead. Gabi and Eli are likely to re-establish their bond in the next episodes of “Days Of Our Lives.”

Gabi and Eli used to date.

Abigail set up the pair and when they met, there was an instant connection. He knew about her feelings for Chad and he thought that he could change her heart. But when he saw Gabi and Chad hugging, he felt that she crossed the line. Eli broke up with Gabi while Abigail decided to end her marriage with Chad.

However, things changed when Abigail risk her life for her ex-husband.

As Chad looked after his ex-wife in the hospital who nearly died just to save him, he realized that she is still more important to him than Gabi, which is a bitter pill to swallow for the latter. Chad and Abigail are reuniting and they are already exploring their second shot at love together.

Eli and Gabi will have a complicated relationship

Although Eli and Gabi may have a reunion, things won’t be easy for the two. According to “DOOL” spoilers, Lani (Sal Stowers) and JJ (Casey Moss) may be together at the moment, but their relationship is doomed. He will accidentally shoot and paralyze Theo (Kyler Pettis), which will strain his relationship with Lani.

Meanwhile, Lani will reportedly get pregnant in "Day of Our Lives" which many believe is a result of her hookup with Eli.

Also, "Days" fans couldn't get over the event at the night of the Martin house party when Eli kissed Lani, not Gabi. Also, Gabi found herself dancing in JJ's arms.

How likely will Gabi and Eli end up together in “DOOL”? Watch “Days of Our Lives” weekdays on NBC.