There will be a lot of shocking revelations in the next episodes of "Days Of Our Lives" next week. For those rooting for Abigail (Marci Miller) and Chad's (Billy Flynn) tandem, there are high chances that your favorite love team will reunite at last.

Abigail will survive but recovery will take long

Abigail and Chad are among the power couples in “DOOL.” Many are rooting for the pair until there came a twist in Abigail’s character. She left Salem and returned with a new face. Chad was devastated, he struggled to live without his wife, thanks to Gabi things became better.

When Abigail came back after faking her death she was surprised to see Chad and Gabi’s (Camila Banus) budding romance.

Chad tried to fight for his marriage after learning that Abigail was alive. Abigail and Chad tried to make things work for their son, Thomas. Unfortunately, things went south for the two. Abigail knew that Chad was already in love with Gabi. She stepped down, started an affair with Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) who convinced her that they should get married immediately so he won’t be deported. Things happened fast between Abigail and Dario in DOOL.

A lot of things happened between Chad and Abigail as they live their lives separately. However, the connection is still there. Chad was suspicious when Abigail decided to abandon their son and opted to leave Salem, eventually.

He later learned that Dario lied to Abigail so she would marry him. The two men got into a heated confrontation until Abigail saw a speeding car and pushed Chad out of the way, she took the hit and got injured severely.

Abigail is in critical danger after saving Chad. Thankfully, “Days” spoiler revealed that the surgery will go well and she will survive but will have a long recovery ahead of her.

The incident will leave the exes into some serious realizations, in particular, on Chad’s end, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported.

Chad realizes that he still loves Abigail

Chad was safe, but he was not relieved knowing that Abigail is lying in bed at the hospital because of him. In the next episodes of “Days of Our Lives,” Chad will be with Abigail at the hospital non-stop.

Her sacrifice will lead him into considering their situation and he will realize that he still loves her.

Chad will confess his feelings to his ex-wife after realizing that he still loves her so much. As he pours his heart out, “DOOL” spoilers revealed that Gabi will overhear him and she will be devastated. Chad and Gabi have been in an on-and-off relationship and the former’s confession will break the latter’s heart.

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