"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for the coming week reveal that Theo, Claire, and Tripp could be the latest Salem Love Triangle. The teens are the only three left after Ciara ran off to Hong Kong, Jade left town, and Joey turned himself in for the murder of Ava Vitali. Now, the three young Salem citizens will seemingly be sticking together, and Claire will make a move that will have Theo questioning their relationship.

New love triangle brewing?

According to the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Claire will see that Tripp is struggling, and since Joey, Jade, and Ciara are no longer living with them in the apartment, she'll ask Tripp to move in with her and Theo.

Of course, this makes sense, as it will help the college students out with rent and other bills. However, Theo will not be very happy about the move. As many "DOOL" fans know, Claire and Theo are seemingly on the path to getting back together, and Tripp's presence in the apartment could put a stop to that. Theo has already suspected that there could be a bit of a spark between the two and will grow even more jealous this week as Claire offers Tripp, a helping hand.

Tripp attempts to put his family back together

Meanwhile, "Days Of Our Lives" viewers will see Tripp dealing with even more drama when he attempts to make things right with his step-mother, Kayla Johnson. As many "DOOL" fans will remember, Tripp believed that it was Kayla who killed his mother, Ava, and sabotaged her career at the hospital in revenge.

However, when Kayla's name was cleared, Tripp lost his cool and even held his step-mom at knife point until Steve and Joey came in to save the day. It was then that Joey admitted to his half-brother that he was the one who killed Ava, and later decided to turn himself into the police for his shocking crime. He's currently in jail serving his time at the moment.

This week, Tripp will go to great lengths to prove to Kayla that he is sorry for what he did, and try to put the Johnson family back together.

Hope has questions for Adrienne/Bonnie

All the while, Hope will decide to question Bonnie about Angelica's death. Of course, everyone believes that Bonnie is Adrienne Kiriakis. However, some people are starting to figure out that Bonnie and Hattie, who is pretending to be Marlena, aren't who they say they are.

Hope will want to know why Angelica was in Adrienne's room, and she may begin to piece the doppelganger puzzle together very soon.

Gabi finds herself in a dangerous situation

In addition, "Days of Our Lives" watchers will see Gabi Hernandez in a life or death situation as she stumbled into a very dangerous scene involving Commissioner Raines, who "DOOL" fans now know is Dario's secret partner. Raines will hold Gabi at gun point, and she'll need someone to save her yet again.