Danielle Mullins of "90 Day Fiance" has been dealing with a bit of drama lately. The reality star actually hired a manager and then split ways with them not much later. They were making plans for her to do a big makeover show, but that didn't work out.

What went down?

At first, the news came out that Danielle Mullins wasn't going to have this makeover show and she had parted ways with her manager. Her side of it was that they were posting things on her social networks she didn't like and taking over. Then the manager shared their side which was totally different.

Danielle wanted to post about her family and such, but that isn't what they wanted to be posted. It was also shared that she was allegedly answering questions about restricted information that she shouldn't be. GR Media nearly took out a restraining order against her.

Danielle shares her side of the story

Now Danielle Mullins is sharing her side of the story. She did it in a huge post she made on Facebook and she isn't holding back. She started out thanking everyone for supporting her. Danielle made a post so that she could clear up some of what Gina said about her and she obviously isn't happy. She said she signed with BMB Management which is owned by Brandilyn Snail, but she never dealt with that person and always dealt with Gina instead.

Danielle went on to explain that she had only talked to Natasha on the phone a couple of times, but the rest was over text. She said "I have been accused of extremely unstable behavior by all three which is not the case. How can they say that when they have never met me in person." It is sometimes hard to read people in text and that is how she was communicating with them.

Danielle is obviously pretty upset over what they had to say about her.

The other thing she explained was that they wanted her to lose 20 lbs. in two weeks for the makeover show and she felt like that was just setting her up to fail. She knew there was no way she could do that at all. She is still going to try to lose weight though and wants to get a new manager.

You never know if she will end up being able to find someone that will want to do the show. It would probably be similar to the show that Mama June got. She may end up just having to share on social media and do it herself, but fans are wishing her luck on whatever she ends up doing.

Are you shocked to hear Danielle Mullins speaking out against her ex-manager? Who do you think is right? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" on TLC. It would be surprising if Danielle is back now that her relationship is over. Fans do still want updates on her though.