Cheryl Burke is officially returning to "Dancing With The Stars" season 25. The news was confirmed on "Good Morning America" on Monday. Burke's return is one of the latest surprises, which was revealed on the reality dancing competition show. Meanwhile, Burke also recalled the last time she danced with Ryan Lochte, and for her; she already missed an entire season.

During the interview, Ginger Zee of GMA also recalled Burke's first appearance to the show in the season two. She was asked about what has changed with her from the last time she appeared to "Dancing with the Stars," and she added, "so much."

According to Entertainment Tonight, Burke also recalled the entire setup of the show back then.

She noted that the entire lighting, production, and music of the show have changed into a different level. Further, she also added that the upcoming season 25 is something bigger than what she usually expects. Perhaps, she could no longer do the things she usually did back in season two and three.

As she continued, she also heard that the next mirror ball is something spectacular. She revealed that she will be fighting for that trophy this time. Meanwhile, the 33-year old dancing princess also took to Twitter and shared her excitement about the show. Undoubtedly, Burke will keep her eyes on the mirror ball this season.

Mirror ball trophy

Burke recalled that she last competed for the mirror ball trophy in the previous seasons; however, she only landed the seventh place.

She was also reported leaving the show in season 23 in order to pursue some of her projects like "Dance Moms" and her "Love on the Floor" tour.

She last joined the dance floor when she competed together with Elliot Smith in season three. This recent announcement from the dance pro came shortly after some speculations that Burke is returning to the dance floor.

Entertainment Tonight also reported that better money is among the main reasons which played a huge factor in her decision to return to the show.

Dance floor will always be her home

Meanwhile, a source also told ET that Burke is very excited to hit the dance floor once again. Further, it is expected that she would be doing her best in the competition every night.

She also said that the dance floor will always be her home. As she returns to "Dancing with the Stars" season 25, Burke will be competing for the champion trophy this time along with other pairs who were also reported to join the reality show.