"Days Of Our Lives" has really been heating up, and fans can't wait to see what the fall season will bring for the NBC Soap Opera. While fans already know that some major characters will be returning to Salem, there are a few spoilers that have been circulating, and viewers will want to read all about them before the drama goes down.

Steve and Kayla mend their marriage

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers for fall, Steve and Kayla fans have been wanting to see them be a happy family forever. It seemed like they had gotten that, especially after Tripp became acclimated with the family.

However, things took a shocking turn when Joey decided to turn himself in and go to jail for Ava's murder. Now, Steve and Kayla are on the rocks, but fall will see the couple get back together after a rocky few months.

The double wedding brings big drama

Meanwhile, "Days of our Lives" viewers are expecting to see an unexpected guest arrive at Chad and Abigail and Sonny and Paul's double wedding ceremony. The couple will be ready to say their I do's, but someone could burst in and throw a wrench into the entire day. While many "DOOL" fans believe that that person could be Will Horton returning from the dead to stop Sonny from marrying Paul, it could also be a drunk Lucas, who is hurt over Sonny moving on with his life when his son couldn't do the same, or Sami Brady, who is back in town.

Either way, it should be a juicy storyline for fans to watch.

Nicole begins her exit storyline

Eric, Brady, and Nicole will also be going through a tough time this fall. "Days of our Lives" watchers will finally see Eric come clean about his feelings for Nicole, and Brady won't be happy. However, Eric's guilt will be too much and he'll decide to leave town.

When Marlena tracks him down and convinces him to return to Salem things will get even more heated between the trio. Nicole's reaction to Eric's feelings and him leaving town will ultimately be the storyline that leads her to leave Salem, seemingly for good, as fans know that actress Arianne Zucker quit her job on the soap.

Bonnie finds shocking information

While one of the doppelgangers has already been caught and arrested, the other will be running wild in Salem. Hattie agreed not to rat on Bonnie, and now Bon-Bon is taking full advantage of her new life posing as Adrienne Kiriakis. Bonnie will be looking for ways to get revenge on Maggie, and just when she thinks it can't be done she'll learn a shocking secret that could rock the entire family, and ultimately lead to Maggie and Victor's demise. All the while, Adrienne will desperately be trying to get out of prison, where Bonnie put her.

Sami Brady is back in Salem

Perhaps the most exciting storyline this fall will be the return of Sami Brady. Alison Sweeney reprises her fan-favorite role and will bring a ton of drama back to Salem with her.

Sami's arrival will really shake things up, and it seems her return will be linked to Will's homecoming. She'll be determined to figure out who had been keeping her son away from his life, and she'll likely set out looking for answers. The plot will lead Sami, Will, Paul, Sonny, John, Lucas, and others to Memphis, where they'll discover all kinds of shocking revelations. Many "Days of our Lives" fans believe that the storyline could lead to the reveal of EJ DiMera's return, but nothing has been confirmed about an EJ recast at this time.

JJ is living a nightmare, Jack returns

Sadly, one "Days of our Lives" character will be in for a shocking and tragic storyline. JJ Devearaux will be living every police officer's nightmare when he accidentally shoots and injures Theo Carver by mistake.

JJ's bullet will paralyze Theo, who won't be able to walk after the injury. This storyline will later lead to Theo leaving Salem around Christmas. JJ will be so guilt-ridden that he'll begin to see the spirit of his late father, Jack Deveraux, who will show up to comfort his son during one of the darkest times of his life.

Eve Donovan returns

Eve Donovan will be back to shake things up on "Days of our Lives" this fall. She'll cause some issues for the Kiriakis family, and Eve will even be getting a love story with an already well-known "DOOL" character. Meanwhile, Gabi and Eli also seem to be back on the path to romance, and fans will likely see them grow closer this fall as well.

Don't miss a minute of the action

Be sure to tune in to "Days of our Lives" or set your DVRs so that you don't miss a minute of the action that's coming to Salem this fall. "DOOL" airs weekday afternoons on NBC.