Corinne Olympios was spotted reuniting with DeMario Jackson on Wednesday night together with cast members of "Bachelor in Paradise." According to Entertainment Tonight, Olympios and Jackson made the most of it during their recent reunion and displayed several PDAs while enjoying a night with other co-stars.

Acting their normal selves

In a sit-down interview of Olympios with Entertainment Tonight, the actress shared about her happiness as she reunited with Jackson, following the scandal of "Bachelor in Paradise." As they hung out together with other stars, she added that both of them have acted their normal selves and were having a great time together.

During their reunion, both were seen in the Nightingale Plaza night club, somewhere in West Hollywood, California. It seemed that nothing wrong had happened between the two of them. Jackson was spotted hugging Olympios tight, while she also planted a kiss on his cheek.

After the party, Olympios also revealed texting Jackson on that night when she got home. She was happy to share that they were back to friends again despite what happened from the series. Further, she also revealed that she was into a relationship with former boyfriend, Jordan, but later on, they decided to go to separate ways.

Olympios admits Jackson as a good guy

When asked about her recent relationship with Jackson, she answered it by saying that he is a good-looking guy and both of them are still enjoying their company as friends.

She further added that as of this time, they are moving on from the past drama which involved them together.

For once, Olympios emphasized that she is single and it feels good for her to have nobody to answer calls with. Amid the tension of the past series scandal, she continued by saying that she’s having a great time and it feels so much relief.

Olympios is indeed happy of having the freedom to go out with friends including Jackson.

When the "Bachelor in Paradise" halted its production back in June, the actress remained quiet over the issue and had only issued statements through her representative. On the other hand, Jackson was reported speaking openly about the scandal with the effort of clearing his name.

Despite being mad at Jackson, the "Bachelor in Paradise" actress still decided to make amend with the actor. As of this time, she also revealed that she is busy at work with her latest fashion line and is being comfortable with her upcoming projects on TV.