"The Bold and the Beautiful" did a disservice to loyal fans this week regarding one of the most explosive storylines ever. They deceived viewers with scenes where Liam exposed both his father and his cousin's schemes to keep Thomas And Sally apart and destroy "Spectra Fashions."

It looked like Liam exposed his father and his cousin

On Monday Liam was in his father's office along with Bill, Wyatt, Thomas, Sally, and Caroline. He told the group how his father lied that Caroline as dying in order to separate Thomas and Sally. Liam also said that Dollar Bill was responsible for the fire that burned down the Spectra building.

Bill denied it all but Liam called the authorities. On Tuesday Liam snatched the Spencer necklace off his neck and disowned his dad. Bill said he was going to disinherit his son and also get revenge.

The scenes were very intense and everyone's emotions were high. The problem is, it was only a dream. Liam was actually talking to Steffy and was fantasizing about what might happen if he confronted his father and cousin. Unfortunately Steffy talked him down and for now, he is not going to say anything. Thomas is going back to New York with Caroline and business will go on as usual at "Spencer Publications."

The fans of The Bold and the Beautiful deserve better

Viewers enjoyed seeing Dollar Bill Spencer get what is coming to him.

This is huge because he outdid himself when he burnt down Spectra and said that Caroline was dying. The viewers have been waiting for Liam, to tell the truth, and did not like being teased with these scenes that were not real. Those watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" were excited that this storyline was ending so soon. Now it looks like things are going to go on for a while longer.

The powers that be must have a reason for deceiving the viewers this way. Soap opera fans do not like being blindsided and deserve so much better from "The Bold and the Beautiful." Now Sally and Thomas will not be reuniting and working together to rebuild Spectra. He will go off to New York with Caroline and Sally will have lost everything.

Liam stated on Tuesday that he has power over his father for the first time in his life. Perhaps he can use his influence to make Dollar Bill help Sally rebuild her company. Or at least see to it that Thomas leaves Caroline and reunites with the woman he loves. Stay tuned week day afternoons for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful."