Cheryl Burke appeared on "Good Morning America" on Monday to talk about her return to "Dancing with the Stars." She returned on Tuesday and she brought her new partner along with her. He is Terrell Owens, commonly referred to by his initials T.O. The former NFL wider receiver has had minimum practice time, but he is confident that he and Cheryl have a good chance of taking home the coveted Mirror Ball trophy for the upcoming Season 25. Cheryl's original partner was going to be Bobby Brown, but he withdrew at the last minute.

About Terrell

Terrell is the second celebrity officially announced on "Good Morning America." Drew Scott of "Property Brothers" appeared on the ABC's morning talk show last week with his pro partner Emma Slater.

Fans of the show have already heard about other members of the cast even though the news was not official.

The entire cast will be revealed on "GMA" on Wednesday, September 6. Terrell said the timing is right for him, so he was glad to agree to become Cheryl's partner. He indicated that the rehearsals are going well so far.

The former NFL wide receiver has played football with the San Francisco 49ers, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, the Buffalo Bills, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Allen Wranglers, and the Seattle Seahawks. Two years ago, Owens, 43, said in an interview that he has not officially retired. He said he stays in shape because he is not sure whether he will return to the NFL.

Cheryl's track record

The 33-year-old professional dancer has a very good track record with athletes. The two-time champion says she is going to leave it all on the dance floor this season because she has not won since Season 2 with Drew Lachey and Season 3 with Emmitt Smith.

Cheryl believes this landmark season is her time to win again. She says she really wants the newly designed Mirror Ball trophy that is fancier than the ones presented to winners in past seasons.

This will be Cheryl's 20th season being a professional coach. She is returning after taking last season off. Her last partner was Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte.

They didn't win the competition. Instead, they ended up in seventh place.

Mark your calendar

Make sure you watch "Good Morning America" on Wednesday, September 6 to see the official lineup of the Celebrities who will dance on Season 25. Then, mark your calendar to watch the premiere of "Dancing With The Stars" on Monday, September 18 at 8 p.m.