Chelsea DeBoer is one of the more secretive "Teen Mom 2" stars as she doesn't share too much with her fans. She knows how aggressive people can be when it comes to drama and she doesn't want to expose her kids and make them targets. People are already saying that she is neglecting her daughter and calling Aubree pudgy, which may be why Chelsea is keeping a low profile on social media. On "Teen Mom 2," things seem to be relatively easy for her as she doesn't have much drama in her life. She recently criticized MTV for making her life look much more stressful than it is, as they showed her being firm with Aubree.

She wasn't happy that the producers felt that they needed to edit her scenes to be more dramatic than they are in real life.

Despite her criticism, her husband Cole is standing by her side. She doesn't talk too much about their marriage on social media and it is possible she wants to protect that as well. She knows that fans can be super critical of their relationship if she shares too much, as they are with Jenelle Evans' relationship. Interestingly, Chelsea is now giving an update about her husband Cole and it sounds like things are wonderful with them. According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that she truly loves this man and she even made an effort by going all out with some new makeup.

As she points out, she was saving that makeup for a special occasion.

Special occasions

While she didn't talk about what that special occasion was, she did reveal that she was obsessed with her husband. She loves Cole and the two are truly a great pair. They do have a special occasion coming up, as they are celebrating their marriage with a repeat wedding.

The two got married last October when she was pregnant with Watson and they agreed that they would get married again this year, exactly one year to the date. She talked about her wedding planning on "Teen Mom 2," as this October wedding is her dream wedding, despite them getting married last year. Perhaps she just wanted to be married before she had Watson.

Fans want another baby

On "Teen Mom 2," Chelsea DeBoer revealed that she had the baby fever after having Watson Cole. When Cole heard the news, he revealed that he was more than ready to have another baby. Watson was just five months at the time. He is nearing the 8-month mark and Chelsea may be thinking about how another baby can fit into the picture.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer and Cole going strong after one year of marriage? Do you think it's time for them to have another baby?