After months, and months of waiting for a "Supernatural" trailer to be released, we finally got a sneak peek (a very, very short one but we will take what we can get!). The new 30-second promo trailer was released a day ago, and, as always, featured a couple of surprises for the fans. This trailer, although a bit short, managed to get the fans very intrigued with just a few "juicy shots".

Dean was praying!

First of all, we will start with one of the most unforeseen of events, Dean was praying! As he has stated himself in previous episodes, Dean is not much of a prayer.

Not because he does not believe in God (frantically he has met Chuck in person), but because he deems it unnecessary. So, since the only occasion when Dean prayed was when Sam Winchester or the universe itself was in deep trouble, we have a pretty good reason to worry. On the other hand, we have Sam keeping up a good attitude, trying to come up with solutions, but the situation still seems pretty dire.

Mary, Castiel, and Michael are missing

Secondly, what comes to our attention is the pretty obvious absence of many important and primary characters of the TV series. We notice that in the "Supernatural" trailer, Mary, Castiel, Michael, and even Lucifer, are completely missing. Although all of them possess the status of being "alive" (kind of since we do not know what to call beings that are temporarily dead, or stuck in an alternate dimension), it is rather strange for the showrunners not to include them in the newly released trailer (not even a single glimpse).

We know that Castiel will not be seen at all in the first couple of episodes, but what we do know, is that the show will pick up immediately after the events of his death. As for Mary and Lucifer, the show will focus on how they will be dealing with each other in the alternate dimension, which is also where they will come across Michael.

There's a new sheriff in town!

And lastly on our trailer decoding process, is the new "sheriff in town," or to be more precise, the guy who took over the "Iron Throne" of Hell. We still do not know his past, what he is exactly, or what his plans are. Since he appeared, we know that the Winchesters are going to have to deal with him pretty soon and that he will definitely not be on their side (we will miss you, Crowley).

What we find odd, is that he is wearing a white suit, which is strangely similar to the one that Sam Winchester was wearing when he was possessed by Lucifer. At least, now we know the new guy taking over Crowley's place, is definitely not Jack. We get a very small glimpse of him, and things do not look good. Although we know from Jared Padalecki that he will try to bring Jack back from the dark side, Jack did not seem at all friendly in the trailer.

This last month before the release of the new season, it is a bit unbearable to wait, but what from we noticed from the "Supernatural" trailer, October 12th is definitely worth the wait!