As The 100Season 5 is going to embark on a new adventure, there will be new characters coming that might be either the lead characters’ friend or foe. The new antagonist in Clarke Griffin’s (Eliza Taylor) life is also now introduced.

The prisoners on the mysterious ship, too, are being unveiled. So, as the television show’s fifth installment is now nearly coming, fans are definitely up for a new epic adventure

Kane’s reclaim of his leadership

In an interview with Collider, Henry Ian Cusick, who plays the role of Marcus Kane, talked about the six-year time jump “The 100” Season 5 is going to feature.

“I am reading the script of the episode 4 [sic] of the season 5. With the leap in time,” he teased.

The 50-year-old star revealed that new characters are going to be seen in the new season with the arrival of the mysterious ship from the previous chapter.

Cusick admitted that he is very happy to meet these new roles and learn who they really are and their goals in the coming season. And as he only knows them through the events that are about to happen, it now puzzles him if they are going to survive from the grave that the bunker has become. He even teased that there are now changes happening in the bunker. In fact, he said that the climate rapidly changed while they were still stuck inside, and preparing for a turnaround.

Sherbrook Times reported that this might indicate that Kane will regain his leadership against Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos).

The coming of a new antagonist

It is now revealed who will be the antagonist Clarke is going to face in “The 100” Season 5.

TV Line reported that William Miller is going to take the role of Robert McCreary as the television show’s new big bad.

The 39-year-old British star’s role has a connection to the Eligius Corporation’s mysterious ship that has been seen landing on Earth in the previous season finale. His character is described to be an enigmatic prisoner, who is also a former enforcer of a “powerful crime syndicate." He is said to be ruthless and violent that made him the perfect antagonist against Clarke and her team.

According to Digital Spy, the television show’s developer Jason Rothenberg revealed that the returning prisoners will remember life on Earth in contrast to what it is now. So, they will be all surprised to see how it has changed over the years with two nuclear apocalypses that occurred.

"We will definitely tell their story," he said. Some of these prisoners will be angry to see what happened on Earth. Now that Clarke is the Grounder and these inmates are actually the 100, Rothenberg admitted that they have played with people’s perspectives.