NBC celebrity chrissy metz did the unthinkable. The overweight star of "This Is Us" wore a plus-sized latex dress to the MTV Movie & TV Awards in May and did the snarky comments and weight loss hints begin. In fact, they haven't ended. Folks are still fussing that she's advocating obesity in her red rubber frock. The truth is Ms. Metz was just "Keeping up with the Kardashians." But it proves that issues surrounding plus-size women are bigger than meet the eye.

Chrissy Metz still revisiting the rubber dress

The "This Is Us" celebrity has worn a succession of gorgeous red carpet gowns to various award ceremonies.

But the MTV latex dress is the one folks can't wrap their heads around. For her part, the "My Name is Earl" star is is struggling to understand peoples' problem with it. Chrissy Metz said she had no agenda to promote obesity pride, body positivity, etc. She just loves the fabric. But she is sick of the backlash and took fat-shaming critics to task on Twitter.

Metz blasts body-shaming at theCURVYcon

Metz defended her wardrobe at theCURVYcon, too. Well, perhaps, defend is the wrong word. It implies backpedaling or cowering explanations and the "American Horror Story" star doesn't do those. But many comments were so offensive with name-calling, judgmental preaching, and even a remark that Chrissy is so fat she can't wipe her butt.

The Emmy nominee reminded people that it's her body and she can dress the way she wants, so take that fat-shamers. She also said that if Kim Kardashian can wear a latex dress why not her? And that's when people lost it.

Yahoo! critics call out Kardashian-copying

Social media commenters who weren't bothered about the dress came unglued over the KUWTK comparison.

Yahoo! reader "Thomas" said "The fact that the Kardashians do it would be the best argument for NOT doing it."

The reality TV stars have developed a cult fascination with their sexualized clothing. Others defended the "This Is Us" star saying that at least she didn't have silicone breast implant, big butt lift and other plastic surgery hanging out all over.

Will the real issue with the latex dress please stand up?

Chrissy Metz asked detractors what made them so uncomfortable. Was is just, like one said, that rubber is disgusting, regardless of who wears it? You don't have to be a Duggar to connect latex with porn stars.The "19 Kids and Counting" family make an art of prudishness, but they beg the point that some clothing is tacky. That said, is there underlying prejudice against fat people? Overweight model Ashley Graham has been on a crusade to prove that big is sexy and that Victoria's Secret needs a plus-sized model. That isn't Chrissy Metz's message. She just wants people to mind their own business.