Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan realized how much they mean to each other when "Bachelor in Paradise" was faced with a huge scandal that led to the temporary shutdown of the reality program in July. It can be recalled that Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson's alleged on-set misconduct has led ABC to stop the production in Mexico to investigate a complaint filed by a producer.

How 'Bachelor in Paradise' scandal affected other cast members

All participants were immediately ordered to leave the island after the news broke. The temporary shutdown has left Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan to question their blossoming relationship at that time.

The "Bachelor In Paradise" couple, although happy with what they have started on the show, had to consider the distance between them after they were sent home. “Originally we were like, "This is fun, but we're in different states." We tried to be realistic and then it turned out I couldn't stay away from her," Derek Peth to Entertainment Tonight.

The banker is a native of Iowa, while his fiancé is living in Seattle. Hence, the couple initially doubted if they can keep up with long distance relationship while "Bachelor in Paradise" was on hiatus.

“During the shutdown, we discussed that maybe we shouldn’t try this," Taylor Nolan confessed.

“But then we couldn’t stop talking to each other."

Peth and Nolan reveal plan after 'Bachelor in Paradise' engagement

But despite having these doubts, the reality TV couple found themselves calling each other "every other hour" which often keeps them up late at night. After their engagement was revealed in "Bachelor in Paradise" finale, the pair is now looking forward to starting their own family in New York.

Although the two are keeping their wedding plans under wraps, Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan revealed their desire to have kids after the big day. The "Bachelor in Paradise" couple also want to ensure that their relationship will work, unlike other reality TV couples that ended up getting divorced or separated.

Hence, the newly engaged couple is getting some tips from Evan Bass who is now happily married to his fellow "Bachelor in Paradise" cast member Carly Waddell.

Derek Peth said Evan Bass reminded them to separate the reality show from their real life and to stop listening to what other people have to say about their relationship.

"We've stopped watching some of what people say [and] we stopped watching the show for a couple of weeks because we'd rather focus on each other," he explained.