Over the last week, Donald Trump has once again made headlines as his feud with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has gone to the next level. With the president receiving massive backlash over his remarks, comedian Bill Maher didn't hold back his opinion on the commander in chief.

Maher on Trump

In the two years that Donald Trump has been an official politician, he's never held back his thoughts about his critics. Whether it was against his fellow Republican opponents in the GOP primary, against Hillary Clinton during the general election, or against the mainstream media and celebrities in Hollywood, the former host of "The Apprentice" has made a name for himself by using social media and other platforms to lash out.

In recent weeks, Trump has amped up his war of words against Kim Jong-un, as North Korea continues to push potential war to the brink. In a tweet last week, Trump mocked Kim as "Rocket Man," while later using the nickname once again in front of the United Nations at the General Assembly. Since then, Trump and Kim have traded insults, which has resulted in panic and controversy around the world. Giving his thoughts was Bill Maher who didn't hold back during the September 22 edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO.

Kicking off his opening monologue during Friday night's "Real Time," Bill Maher ripped into Donald Trump over his feud with Kim Jong-un, as well as other issues.

"It's the first day of Fall, when Trump's colors are at their peak," Maher said in mockery of the president. "Trump and Kim Jong-un. Fat man and little boy as I call them," Maher continued to the laughter of those in the crowd, while adding, "Kim, I love him, called Trump a dotard!"

"Dotard is from Shakespeare. Mr. President, if you are watching, Shakespeare was guy a long time ago who wrote plays.

Plays are like movies but the people are really there," Bill Maher went on to say. "North Korea is not the country that is on Trump's mind, that would be Russia," Maher went on to say. "Robert Muller said he is very close to finding out who in the Trump campaign wasn't a Russian spy," he continued.

Moving forward

While Bill Maher and others continue to hold Donald Trump's feet to the fire, the billionaire real estate mogul has many other issues facing his presidency. As Trump struggles to turn his campaign promises into reality, he's sitting on an approval rating that has dropped to around 35 percent in the most recent round of polling