"Big Brother 19" fans have watched and listened to the stories of Raven Walton all summer. She has earned the reputation of exaggerating or outright lying. It is unfortunate because her time on "Big Brother 19" could have been used to bring awareness to gastroparesis, which she has.

Raven came into the game as the bubbly southern girl from the south. She quickly entered a showmance with Matt Cline. Raven never won a competition, never made a game move, and did exactly what Paul wanted each week, easily bringing Matt with her to help pave the way for the "Big Brother 18" veteran.

Fans of "Big Brother 19" are very active on social media. In the Facebook group 'Big Brother - Spoilers Group' fans discussed the live show as it was happening. When Josh didn't use the Power of Veto to save Kevin and rat out Paul to Alex so she would backdoor Paul, fans were upset. First, that he didn't use the POV to pull Kevin off the block. Second, that he won't make a move and just handed the game to Paul. When the time came to vote for the eviction of either Kevin or Raven, fans for the eviction of Kevin were approximately a third of those for the eviction of Raven.

What we will no longer be seeing on live feeds

  • These yellow knee socks with the dirtiest bottoms ever propped up on the kitchen table or counters. They are so gross that someone with live feeds did a screen shot that is everywhere.
  • No more stories of Raven's mother's many illnesses, her invention of post-it notes, or being struck by lightning.
  • The ever-growing list of Raven's medical issues, including the ones that can't be identified, and the ones that are terminal. Fans of "Big Brother 19" are happy to have helped you cross one off of your bucket list as it was all documented so that America knows the real you, Arkansassy.

The Jury House just got hot

We have reached the point in the "Big Brother 19" season where it would be more entertaining to watch the Jury House on live feeds.

The ones there have gotten out of the pressure cooker and had a chance to reevaluate. When they begin to compare notes, they will realize the level of deceit that was going on in the house. Each week they hear the story of what brought the new arrival to end of their game.This season has become known as the Paul show.

With Raven's arrival in the Jury House, she will reunite with Matt, but Cody will be there as well. She had told a fib about him that had Matt wanting to confront him. Raven claimed Cody made a negative comment to her about her not being able to have children.