Each week after an episode of "Big Brother," host Julie Chen sat down with Entertainment Weekly to answer a few questions. Since Josh Martinez won the competition and became Head of Household in the last episode, the questions were asked about him, and Julie didn't hold back. She said what a lot of viewers were thinking.

About Josh

Josh has been harassing Mark by banging pans together and singing circus music. He has been calling Jessica and Cody meatballs and other names. There is a lot of profanity in his comments to them that CBS has to bleep them out.

Julie says this is meant to intimidate Jessica, Cody, and Mark. She added that Cody and Jessica are so focused on the game and strong enough to not let Josh bother them. The host thinks Josh's harassment is making Jessica and Cody work harder. She concluded that Josh's behavior is juvenile and annoying.

According to Gold Derby, viewers think Josh is such a controversial player that CBS should expel him from the show. One person commented that she has been watching "Big Brother" for 17 years and she has never seen as much bullying as she is seeing this season. In an early interview with Josh when the season first started, he said that he is totally fine with being hated by his fellow players and viewers.

Head of Household

According to Julie, Josh is also unpredictable so it is hard to tell what he is going to do. One thing for sure is that he is Paul's puppet and will be led by whatever Paul suggests which is probably trying to get Cody out of the house again. Even though Paul is not Head of Household, he still has control over most of the houseguests.

Another person commented that Josh is disgusting and being guided by everything Paul tells him to do. Once Paul told him to just stay in bed and don't do anything. Another time he told him to pretend to cry. One would think Paul was much older than Josh, but Josh is 23 and Paul are just one year older at 24.

Other things of interest

While Julie was talking to Entertainment Weekly, she was asked who she thinks is playing a good game. Julie said without a doubt she is Team Jessica all the way. She says she likes the way Jessica is playing a strong game and standing up for herself. She said a couple of weeks ago she thought it was a foolish move for Jess to tell the house she had the Halting Hex. Julie believes Jess' ego got in the way. It did keep the house in an uproar all week wondering what she was going to do. She did use the Hex to halt the eviction last week when she and Cody were on the block. Therefore, no voting and no eviction took place. Now that the Hex is over and done with, they can move on to something else. Let's watch the upcoming episode to see what that something else will be.