Raven Walton was the second houseguest to be evicted from the "Big Brother" house on Thursday, September 7 during its double elimination episode. She joins her boyfriend, Matthew Clines, in the jury house. He was eliminated a week ago. During his eviction interview, he predicted his girlfriend would go all the way and win the $500,000 grand prize. During Raven's eviction interview, she said she played a good game.

Host Julie Chen didn't understand how Raven could say she played a good game when she didn't win any competition and never became Head of Household.

Raven did spend a lot of time talking about her illnesses and other strange things.

Raven's stories

Raven was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter and was asked if the many stories she shared on "Big Brother 19" were true. The newly evicted houseguest said all her stories were true.

She explained that her mother was really struck by lightning before she was born when she was driving and the lightning went through the steering wheel. She said her mother is very smart and could be in Mensa. However, she didn't say that she was in the organization for really smart people.

When she was asked if Cody pursued a showmance with her in the game, she said he did in the beginning. She added that after Cody started showing his true colors, she and Matthew clicked.

After that, she couldn't keep her eyes off of Matt.

Diseases and medical problems

Raven mentioned several diseases and medical problems. She talked a lot about having gastroparesis and didn't mind pulling up her shirt to show her stomach pacemaker. She mentioned needing a hysterectomy, but she put it off to be on the show this summer.

She mentioned so many other ailments that her houseguests wondered if they are all true.

Before she was evicted, she shared that she has rough kneecap syndrome. The news about this made Paul shake his head. He questioned the truthfulness of Raven's stories since there were so many of them. She once mentioned that some of her family members were on the Titanic.

People on social media have made fun of Raven because they think she is giving too much information. She is going to be disappointed with herself when she looks back on the season and hears all the things she has said and seen the reaction of her competitors.


Raven insisted her showmance with Matt, 33, is based on the fact that he sacrificed his game for hers. She indicated that Matt said she was the best person he has ever met and she deserved to win. The 23-year-old dance teacher said she believes the showmance between Cody and Jessica is also real, but she has doubts about Mark and Elena. Raven is joining Matt in the jury house where Mark and Elena are. Jessica was sent home the week before going to the jury. Therefore, Cody is the only one in the jury house without his mate.