Omarosa Manigault of 'Celebrity Big Brother' hospitalized after injury

The star of 'Celeb BB' may end up having to leave the game if she can't get better quick.
It turns out that Omarosa Manigault has landed herself in the hospital after getting hurt in a competition on "Celebrity Big Brother," Us Magazine shared the details about what went down with her....
10 February 2018 -
M. Robinson

Keshia Knight Pulliam begged to be eliminated from 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Nursing mother had a very good reason for wanting to go home from the Big Brother house.
Something unusual happened on "Celebrity Big Brother" on Monday, February 12. It was eviction night and the unexpected happened. The reality show lived up to its mission of having surprises. Omarosa...
13 February 2018 -
M. Minnicks

Piers Morgan describes Omarosa as the most hated TV villain

Omarosa was accused of wanting a showmance with Piers Morgan when they were contestants on 'The Celebrity Apprentice.'
Piers Morgan was a guest on the CBS daytime talk show "The Talk" on Wednesday, February 14. The 52-year-old British journalist and television personality did not hold back when talking about Omarosa,...
14 February 2018 -
M. Minnicks
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    A. Sewell
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