"Big Brother 19" fans watched as Kevin entered the world he was unfamiliar with. He wasn't a superfan coming into the house. He didn't know past players or some of the possible competitions he would be participating in. He entered the house showing his charm and fans of the show loved him.

Kevin was a refreshing addition to the "Big Brother 19" house -- a 55-year-old father of seven that was a stay-at-home dad and not really a fan of the show. It sounded like he would be a target from day one in the house of 20 and 30-somethings. Instead, he became the house dad and voice of reason for some of the houseguests.

Remember how great he was with Josh during his meltdown early on?

Life lessons with Kevin

Kevin was hilarious with his life lessons. He is a man that is full of colorful stories appropriate for any occasion. He picked up quite a bit of knowledge growing up on the streets of Boston. Even as an adult, he still paid the price for his parents' involvement in drug distribution. "Big Brother 19" live feeders had heard the story of his house being seized by the government but viewers saw the conversation between Kevin and Jason on the show last night. He didn't want people to feel sorry for him, he wanted to find a way to make his family's life better.

Now that Kevin's game is over, he is headed to the jury.

He will be casting a vote on September 20 for one of the top two to take the prize of $500,000 home. A lot of members of the jury have some resentment for Paul in particular. Kevin could feel the same but holds no animosity.

Weren't they in an alliance?

Kevin and Paul supposedly had a deal early on to work together. Kevin upheld his end of things but eventually, as Paul's need for him changed, Paul began to turn on Kevin.

He shared that he knew Paul was changing because the types of things Paul said to him began to change. Kevin has a clear view of what happened. He knows that Paul is a 24-year-old "Big Brother" veteran with his eye on the prize.

When it comes to Alex, she really did treat Kevin badly. She screamed at him, tried to bully him, and then threw out the slop he was required to eat as a Have Not.

This was the same week that Matt should have been a Have Not but decided to break the rules. A very shady move on Alex's part and an obvious personal attack on Kevin.

Kevin sees Alex for what she is as well. He is proving that he wasn't just a good guy in the house that was pushed to his limit more than once. He is really a great person with a forgiving heart. He understands that this was all about the game and separated it from his life. He holds no animosity for his former housemates and should be a jury member looking at the game as a game, without blaming.