Mel B and her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte are caught up in a custody battle over Eddie Murphy's daughter Angel. The couple has been trying to get their divorce finalized by the courts, but the ongoing question of Angel's custody has stalled these proceedings. Mel B has made it clear that she does not want anything more to do with Belafonte and is hoping that the court will rule in her favor.

The X-Factor Judge has stated that the truth will come out

According to the Sun, both Mel B and her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte were photographed as they arrived for yet another court session surrounding both their divorce and the custody of Mel B's children.

The couple was both stone-faced as they arrived at the court and it is clear that both are hoping to get their desired results.

In a report by the Daily Mail, earlier this week Mel B posted a cryptic message to her social media in which she claimed that the truth would come out. She stated that it does not matter how long someone lies for or what kind of lies they are telling. The former "Spice Girl" is convinced that her estranged husband will be caught out in court and that she will win the case.

It has been confirmed that Mel B is accusing Stephen Belafonte of both physical and emotional abuse throughout their time together. The mother has expressed her concerns to the courts that if Belafonte is granted visiting rights to their children, that he will also abuse them in this way.

The formed singer pleads with the judge

According to the Daily Mail, Mel B has been pleading with the judge to grant the divorce between her and Stephen Belafonte. The case surrounding their divorce has been ongoing for several months now and Mel B simply wants to see an end to her marriage with Belafonte.

Mel B has stated that Stephen Belafonte has entered documents into the courts, which are personal in nature and includes video footage of her and her estranged husband.

The former "Spice Girl" has also claimed that Belafonte has information about Mel B's personal life that he intends to reveal to the courts. The mother has stated that these claims are unknown to her children and is confident that Belafonte seeks to damage her relationship with her children.

The divorce proceedings have seen several allegations made by both members about one another.

Mel B claims that she is filing for divorce as her husband cheated on her several times and impregnated their children's nanny. Mel B has also claimed that her husband has organized a sham marriage with an individual to keep them in the US.

There has been no word from either Mel B or her representatives as to the current situation in the courtroom. Fans are hoping that the former "Spice Girl" will be granted the divorce from her husband sooner rather than later.