Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are said to be “over the moon” regarding their plan to have a third child. People magazine confirmed that a surrogate they hired is now pregnant.

Citing a source close to the family, PEOPLE said that Kim and Kanye want everything to be perfect, and for the child to be born in good health. The couple is trying to avoid any complications by implementing a diet program.

Kim’s medical condition

Kim and Kanye always wanted to expand their family with Kanye wanting “…a family of five or six if it was up to him,” People reported.

However, Kim Kardashian was diagnosed with the condition known as placenta accreta when she was pregnant with both her children, North and Saint.

According to the report, the reality star's physicians advised her of the life threatening risks if she is going to get pregnant once again.

Placenta accreta is a medical condition that occurs when the placenta attaches too deeply in the uterus. It can lead to premature delivery and subsequent complications for the newborn. The mother’s life can be at risk if severe hemorrhaging occurs during manual attempts to remove the placenta.

Most painful experience

Kim Kardashian described her ordeal during childbirth in her blog. The reality star said the doctor had to stick his entire arm inside her womb to remove the placenta.

She revealed that the doctor had to scrape away the placenta using his fingers.

Kim described the whole experience as "disgusting" and "the most painful" in her life. But since they were racing against time she just had to deal with it. Kim further shared that her mother, Kris Jenner, was crying because she had never seen anything like it before.

Decision to hire a surrogate

Because of her risky condition, Kim Kardashian felt her two kids were enough and had no plans to get pregnant again. However, she changed her mind later on as their two children have grown bigger. Kim said she truly misses having a baby in the family.

Back in April, Kim shared on their family’s reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians, that she loves nothing more than to see her family grow.

It was reported in June, that Kim and Kanye had hired a surrogate to help them expand their family.

Kris Jenner never wants Kim to get pregnant again so she thinks using a surrogate is a great idea. “Kris will be very excited about another baby,” a source told PEOPLE.

Media reports said the baby is due in January 2018.