Hugh Heffner was always a controversial celebrity, and when news of his death broke, fans were shocked. Heffner is behind the production of the "Playboy" magazines and has often been a figure of controversy throughout his lifetime. Heffner was an odd character, and it has been revealed that he planned to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe.

Hefner spoke about where he wanted to be buried

According to NPR, Hugh Hefner passed away recently and is due to be buried in a space next to Marilyn Monroe in the Los Angeles mausoleum. Throughout his time, Hefner often spoke of his desire to be buried next to the famous Monroe and allegedly paid a sum of $75,000 to purchase the drawer next to Monroe in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

In a report by the Los Angeles Times, Hugh Heffner believed strongly in symbolism. When talking to the magazine in the past, the celebrity stated that spending an eternity in peace next to Marilyn Monroe was too sweet to pass up on. Monroe worked for Hugh Heffner for a brief stint and Heffner appeared to believe that this meant he should be buried next to the famous actor and model.

However, his decision has been marked as a controversial one especially as Marilyn Monroe herself has had no say in Heffner's choice to reside next to her own grave. There has been much controversy from fans over what Monroe would have wanted. Many of whom believe that she would not have chosen Heffner as her eternal resting partner.

Monroe once modeled for Playboy

According to the BBC, Marilyn Monroe shot for Hugh Heffner's magazine "Playboy" back when she was an aspiring actor. Monroe was featured on the cover and in the centerfold on the first ever issue of the magazine. This took place in 1948 when she was a struggling actor. Marilyn posed nude for photographer Tom Kelley and signed her name as Mona Monroe in an attempt to separate herself from the explicit photographs.

According to Monroe's close friend George Barris, Monroe only took part in the photo shoot because she was broke and desperately needed the money. He revealed that at the time of the shoot she was extremely concerned at being recognized. George revealed that she had Tom Kelley promise that she would not be recognized in the photos and only received $50 for two days work.

Hugh Heffner once revealed that he felt a very strong connection to Marilyn Monroe because they were both born in the same year. This was one of the reasons he chose to be buried next to her in the mausoleum.