"Bachelor in Paradise" is quickly coming to an end, and fans have been seeing the new cast members shuffle in and out over the course of the past few weeks. However, this week, a new cast member will come to paradise and she'll definitely shake things up for the men and the women. Jaimi King will make her "BIP" debut on Tuesday and fans will remember her from Nick Viall's season. Jaimi was very open with Nick about being bisexual, and now she's coming to paradise to date either a man or a woman.

Jaimi will create an interesting dynamic in paradise

According to the latest "Bachelor in Paradise" news, Jaimi King's rose can be given to either a man or a woman when it's her turn to dish out a rose. However, will any of the women in paradise be interested in entering a relationship with another woman? So far, none of them have said anything about possibly dating women, but it does appear that some of them, including Jasmine, could be open to the idea. Jaimi's arrival is sure to shake things up, as she'll be playing both sides, and will become a threat to the men and women alike. This is a "Bachelor in Paradise" first, and fans are very interested to see how it all plays out.

Jaimi's active life

Meanwhile, there is a lot more to Jaimi King than just her sexual orientation. The Reality TV star is a chef. She even has an entire Instagram account dedicated to the cakes she bakes. Jaimi is the real deal and has even catered at the Academy Awards. King is also a lover of ink. The 29-year-old has multiple tattoos.

Jaimi reveals that she has six pieces of body art on her skin including the phrase "Forever Smiles" on her wrists, "To Die For" on her side, and a heart-shaped grenade on her lower back. She also sports a symbol that includes her initials, the number five, and a heart on her right lower abdomen.

King disses Viall's kissing

Jaimi is also head over heels for her adorable little brother.

The "Bachelor in Paradise" star often refers to her brother on her social media pages and loves to post photographs of him and tease him a bit, like any older sibling would. In addition, King also admitted that she was not a fan of Nick Viall's kissing. When she was asked about Viall's smooches, she rated his kissing ability a three on a scale of one to 10. Jaimi says she believes that Nick was a little scared and "turned off" by her nose ring, which she will sometimes hide and reveal to people after getting to know them a bit.

The twins also return to Paradise

Fans can watch Jaimi King make her "Bachelor in Paradise" debut on Tuesday night's episode, where a handful of new women will be headed to paradise, including "the twins," who will also be causing some controversy during the episode.