Ashley Iaconetti of "The Bachelor" and "Bachelor in Paradise" isn't shy about the fact that she is still a virgin. Now the reality star is speaking out about the fact that she had it in her head at one point who she wanted to take her "v" card. Ashley has always been so open about being a virgin that she may have to tell the world when she loses it.

Ashley admits guys already have preconceived notions of her

It turns out that dating isn't always easy for Ashley Iaconetti because of the fact that guys already have an idea about her when they meet her.

They have seen her on reality television and aren't just meeting someone new. Ashley has had an on again and off again relationship with Jared Haibon for a while now. These two say that they are just friends, but a lot of fans really feel like there is a chance they might end up together at some point.

When it comes to dating, Ashley isn't always sure if she should explain to them about her past on reality television, but it is a big part of her life. Ashley has been on reality TV, but she also has a podcast and a lot of fans. Her podcast is called "Almost Famous" and she does it with Ben Higgins. Ashley I is someone that has fans, but so does Ben so they get a lot of people listening to their podcast.

She admitted that sometimes people do Google her before a date and find out a lot about her.

So who did she want to lose her virginity to?

It turns out that Ashley actually talked to Ryan Phillipe on Twitter and had hopes that he would be the one to take her virginity eventually. She shared that right after he broke off his engagement he responded to her once on Twitter, but then stopped.

Ashley shared all about it saying, "I was with a friend of his friend and his friend had me DM him that I wanted him to take my V card and he didn’t respond! He was engaged in November and he responded to me a month after they broke up, but sadly, we didn’t work out.”

Obviously, it doesn't look like Ashley will be losing her virginity to Ryan, but the fans would love to see her end up with Jared Haibon.

These two do seem like a great match, but both seem to not be ready to make it more than a friendship. It will be interesting to see if they do ever end up together.

Are you surprised by what Ashley Iaconetti said about who she wanted to take her "v" card? Do you feel like she will end up back on reality television again in the future? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" on Mondays on ABC.