Sam Smith made it to the charts some years back. The star, who was born in London, United Kingdom, impressed his listeners with his tender voice and amazing lyrics. It has been a while since he released any new material. The singer has gradually made a comeback and has unveiled his latest songToo Good at Goodbyes, which is his first new song since winning a 2015 Oscar for “Writing On The Wall,” a James Bond theme.

The song is about a relationship

According to Sky News, the 25-year-old singer said that the song was about a relationship he was in and it spoke about getting good at being dumped.

He admitted that it had been a while since he released some music and he felt that the song prepared for what was coming. Jimmy Napes and Stargate collaborated to produce the track. Before releasing the song, he thanked his fans on Instagram for being patient. He also said that he had stories to tell them and he had been reading their comments on social media every day.

According to Variety, Smith showcases his “flawless, effortlessly tenor” in the song. His voice goes hand-in-hand with most “basic piano chords and finger snapping.” A light beat kicks in eventually followed by a gospel choir. The elements then drop out until one hears the piano and finger snapping only, followed by a “sobby, acapella” closing line.

The song is not a pop classic, so you shouldn’t expect a majestic bridge. But who is never carried away by Smith's "magical and tragical voice and it's classicism?"

His album will be released before Christmas

According to Rolling Stone, Smith said that the song was one of his personal ones on his upcoming album and said that the whole of it wasn’t about him only.

There are about four songs about him, and the remaining are about different people in his life and what they have been through. However, Smith didn't reveal the title of his album. He also appreciated working with Jimmy Napes and announced that the album would be released in two versions, one with ten tracks and the other with fourteen tracks before Christmas.

The singer also revealed that Timbaland features in one of the tracks and there is also a duet.

Just like Adele, Sam Smith intends to woo us with his voice forever it seems. In support of his new record, Smith is slated to perform in L.A. on September 11, NYC on September 13, London on September 15 and his final show will be in Berlin on September 18. The venues are yet to be confirmed.