The X-Men spinoff that shines the spotlight on a different team finally got its director. Drew Goddard, who was the screenwriter for “The Martian” and the director of 2012’s “The Cabin in the Woods,” is tapped to direct the spinoff film "X-Force." The team is composed of a different set of mutants. However, for this movie, the focus will be on the time when the team included Deadpool and Cable.

Deadpool was played by Ryan Reynolds while Josh Brolin is playing Cable in “Deadpool 2”. Both will be involved with this project; Reynolds is returning as an actor-producer while Josh Brolin transitions from being Thanos to Cable for this project.

Mutants on the Big Screen

In the comic books, Cable is a full mutant, the son of X-Men Cyclops and Jean Grey. Deadpool, meanwhile, gets his healing power from a strain of blood. It is said the blood is a cocktail derived from Weapon X, Wolverine.

Variety reported that before "X-Force," Ryan Reynolds will be doing “Deadpool 2.” The other project involving mutants, meanwhile, will be “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.” Viewers will be delighted to know that the story follows the narration started by “First Class” up to “Apocalypse.” Mostly everyone else is returning to the film. Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Nicholas Hoult are returning among others; the most notable so far is Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence said to Digital Spy that her return was because she needed to give back to the fans as well as to continue the character’s story.

She also weighed in on how her contract ended up after “Apocalypse” and how it would be strange to have another Mystique appear in later projects.

That’s a total of two X-Men spinoffs already in X-Force and Deadpool 2, but a third one is in the works. “New Mutants” aims to introduce a new bunch to the diverse universe. Directed by Josh Boone, it stars Maisie Williams of “Game of Thrones” as mutant Wolfsbane.

Deadpool and Cable

It should be interesting to see Deadpool and Cable on the big screen. The duo is best friends in most comic book storylines; their meeting, as well as the humor between Brolin and Reynolds, should be entertaining to watch.

It’s up to Drew Goddard to bring the best out of the cast. Knowing his projects and a screenplay credit for “World War Z,” there should be no problems handling the humor in the project.

He’s got Reynolds to feed off from, as well as Brolin’s unique humor.

“Deadpool 2” is coming on June 1 next year. X-Force has no date as of yet; “New Mutants” and “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is premiering on April 13 and November 2 next year, respectively.