The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 will feature Richard Dragon's team and new details on Michael Emerson's possible villain role in the show.

Dragon's army of villains

"Arrow" executive producers Wendy Mericle and Marc Guggenheim teased that season 6's main villain, Richard Dragon will lead his team against Oliver Queen and Team Arrow, but will it take time to build them up as they wanted to highlight Black Siren in the first haft of the show.

"There is going to be a team of villains this season but one of the biggest ones we'll see, [and] we'll see her from the beginning, is Black Siren," Mericle said.

Guggenheim announced during SDCC 2017 Oliver will face Richard Dragon in season 6, and he is more grounded and gritty main villain than the previous antagonists in the show. Mericle added that Richard's presence would not only affect Oliver but his entire team as well.

Season 6 is also looking into Black Siren's past as cast member Katie Cassidy stated that audiences would understand who she really is a person once they explored the depths of the character during her time in Earth 2 and how it affected her transition into a merciless metahuman killer.

Cayden James cast?

"Lost" TV series star Michael Emerson confirmed to join the cast of "Arrow" season 6 under a mystery villain role. Fans have theorized that Emerson's character could be Helix's mysterious leader, Cayden James and his presence will have an interesting storyline for Felicity Smoak.

Helix is a shadow hacktivist organization that exposes sensitive and confidential information from private organizations to secret government projects. Felicity joined that group in order to help Team Arrow on their missions such as rescuing John Diggle from prison and finding out the true identity of Prometheus.

However, the organization uses extreme measures to get the job done such as murder, theft, extortion, and even blackmail.

Team Arrow had fought Helix in season 5 when Felicity helped them escape with their leader in an ARGUS prison cell. This also led to some trust issues between Oliver and Felicity.

Emerson's character could be Cayden James since his face was never revealed and Felicity will try her best to find the Helix leader and send him back to prison to make amends from her past mistakes.

Slade Wilson's son will also appear in the show as the producers are looking for "Aussie lad" who can portray an introverted, moody, athletic teenager.

The show will premiere on Oct. 12 on the CW Network.