The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 will feature Roy Haper's return to the show and Liam Hall has been cast as Deathstroke's son, Joe Wilson.

Arsenal returns to Star City

"Teen Wolf" star Colton Haynes announced that he will reprise his character Roy Harper in "Arrow" season 6 after he replied to a fan's tweet, requesting him to come back to the show. Haynes was part of the original cast of the show and has appeared in three seasons. He made a special guest appearance in season 4 episode 12.

Roy Harper is Oliver Queen's former protege and the fourth member of the original Team Arrow under the alias "Arsenal." He left Star City after he faked his death in order save Oliver's superhero identity.

Roy asked Thea Queen to continue his legacy and she became "Speedy" using the latter's red costume and weaponry.

For now, the showrunners have not yet revealed the full details of Roy's return to the show and fans are eagerly waiting for more updates soon. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim also teased that Rory Regan a.k.a. Ragman will also make his return to season 6.

The sixth season of "Arrow" will have Oliver and Team Arrow face a new enemy in Star City, Richard Dragon and he is bringing along his own team to fight them on his own terms. Guggenheim stated at SDCC 2017 that Richard will be more grounded and gritty main villain than previous big bads of the show.

Oliver will also have to deal with Black Siren in the first half of the season before facing Richard and his teammates.

Joe Wilson confirmed

"Once Upon a Time" actor Liam Hall has been cast as Slade Wilson's, Joe on "Arrow season 6 and he set to appear in the two-part Deathstroke episode.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Joe Wilson is a member of A.S.I.S.

under the alias Kane Wolfman and he is stuck in a Kasnian prison cell. It seems that Slade will attempt to rescue his son from captivity during the two-part episode and the flashbacks will reveal what kind of relationship they had before Slade ended up in the Lian Yu.

Guggenheim revealed that DC had other plans for the Deathstroke since Warner Bros.

announced that Slade will appear in Ben Affleck's "Batman" movie as its main antagonist.

Joe Wilson in the comics is a member of the Teen Titans during "The Judas Contract" arc under the code name Jericho. He has the ability to possess people and control their movements as long as the host is unconscious.

Season 6 will premiere on October 12, 9 PM on the CW Network.