It has been almost a month since Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced their separation and it looks like the fans haven't totally absorbed the fact that they are no longer together. However, Faris and Pratt seem to be determined to push through with their separation and have been busy with their own careers. Currently, the 40-year old actress is busy promoting her new book, "Unqualified," stirring more intrigue into her separation with Pratt. According to Entertainment Weekly, Faris revealed that she thinks being a spouse's best Friend is kind of overrated.

She explained that although she used to value guy friends more than girl friends, she realized later on that there's something more special about the friendship between women.

Her opinion on that matter has stirred speculations that she and Chris Pratt may not have treated each other as best friends when they were still together. This is quite ironic because when they were still together, they were considered to be one of the most relatable celebrity couples in Hollywood. On that premise, fans pictured them to be best buddies who loved and supported each other, which is why their separation really came as a shock.

The thought of spouses being each other's best friend is overhyped

In an excerpt from Cosmopolitan's "On My Mind" column, Faris revealed that she used to buy into the notion that spouses automatically become best friends.

However, as time passed, she came to realize that the notion is just overhyped and that spouses don't necessarily have to be each other's best friend.

Of course, her opinion was received with different reactions. Some agreed with her while some commented that her opinion may have been a premonition of a problem brewing in her marriage with Chris Pratt.

Genuine female friendship is hard to find

Anna Faris also shared the importance of genuine friendship between females. She admitted that being in Hollywood makes it more difficult to choose friends who will be really loyal and genuine.

Now that she is already separated from Chris Pratt, fans can only imagine the emotional turmoil that Anna Faris is experiencing and can only hope that she has her female friends support system to get her through the downside of divorce. "Unqualified" is considered to be an outpouring of Anna Faris' thoughts on life, friendship and relationships and is scheduled to hit the bookstores on October 24.