As Hurricane Irma makes landfall in the southern part of Florida, conservative author Ann Coulter doesn't seem too impressed. After tweeting out a joke about people dying in the storm, a top member of the White House fired back.

Coulter on Irma

Over the last two weeks, two major hurricanes have hit parts of the United States. It started with Category 4 Hurricane Harvey which struck Texas last month. The storm reached winds of over 130 mph, devastating parts of the state, with the city of Houston being impacted the worst of all. Dozens of deaths have been reported because of Harvey, as thousands were displaced in Houston.

In recent days, it's been Hurricane Irma that has received massive attention in the news and on social media. The storm, which peaked at a Category 5 with winds over 160 mph, has crashed through the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, and is currently barreling through Miami as of press time. The storm has since been downgraded to a Category 3, but that didn't stop some from poking fun at the devastation. As expected, many in the right-wing media have continued to dismiss the hurricanes, further adding to their conspiracy that the storms are exaggerated to push a "liberal agenda." As seen in a tweet on September 10, Ann Coulter might have crossed the line with her remarks.

Taking to her Twitter account on Sunday was Ann Coulter who decided that joking about dying during Hurricane Irma was appropriate.

"HURRICANE UPDATE FROM MIAMI: LIGHT RAIN; RESIDENTS AT RISK OF DYING FROM BOREDOM," Coulter tweeted out in all caps. In response, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly answered back with apparent frustration. "Hard to understand the point of making light of honest attempts to warn people of danger," Kelly tweeted back.

In a follow-up tweet about the hurricane, Ann Coulter gave additional comments but decided to ignore John Kelly's remarks.

"Hard to understand the point of making light of honest attempts to warn people of danger," she wrote.

Next up

During the 2016 presidential election, Ann Coulter was one of the most vocal supporters of Donald Trump, but has since become very critical of the administration.

In the first months of his presidency, Trump triggered Coulter over his moves on foreign policy, as well as his lack of progress on building a border wall. In addition, it was just last week that Coulter went on a lengthy tweetstorm, ripping Trump over his speech about tax reform.