As Hurricane Irma finally made landfall in Florida early Sunday morning, Fox News was forced to cut their popular morning show short to cover the storm. In response, fans of the network were not pleased and lashed out on social media.

Fox News on Irma

It was just two weeks ago when Hurricane Harvey touched down in Texas and devastated much of the state in the worst storm in the area in over 500 years. With winds reaching over 130 mph, Hurricane Harvey was labeled a Category 4 and forced many to flee their homes in the process. The city of Houston was hit the worst, as dozens have since been reported dead.

Fast forward to present day and yet another hurricane is making its way to the United States, as Hurricane Irma, a Category 5, plowed through the Caribbean and is now in the southern part of Florida. In recent days, Hurricane Irma has dominated the news, as well as social media, as many have kept their eyes on the storm in the hopes that history won't repeat itself. During the September 10 edition of "Fox & Friends" on Fox News, the program was ended two hours early and sent to fellow network host Shepard Shepard to cover the storm. As seen across social media, fans of the conservative network were not happy with the decision, which was first reported by Raw Story.

As "Fox & Friends" ended their program early on Sunday morning so Shepard Smith could report on Hurricane Irma, the right-winger viewers of Fox News expressed their anger at the apparent "liberal" hoax over the storm.

"Dem conspiracy to remove one by one all high profile @FoxNews employees. FACT! Have you noticed?" one Twitter user wrote.

Fox revolt

"Hey @FoxNews... NO ONE in Florida wants to hear @ShepNewsTeam talk DOWN at us during #HurricaneIrma!!!" another tweet read.

"Fox News I'd rather poke my eyes out than watch Shep Smith . I've actually turned on CNN. That's saying something," one angry viewer posted.

"The only thing blowing harder than Irma is @ShepNewsTeam @FoxNews can't believe this drama queen, buh bye @FoxNews #boycottshepsmith," another tweet added.

"Changed to @FoxNews after watching @WeatherChannel only to find BIASED Sheppard who will somehow blame POTUS for Irma. CNN here I come," an additional tweet noted.

Next up

Despite the anger and drama going on with Fox News and their viewers, Hurricane Irma is making its way through Florida, which is expected to continue to travel north over the next 24 hours. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has urged many to evacuate the state, with warnings being issues into Central Florida as the storm picks up steam.