With Hurricane Irma making its way to the southern part of Florida, millions have made the move to leave the state, or at least move north. After Donald Trump tweeted about the storm, it didn't take long for his critics to lash out.

Trump on Irma

Just last month, Texas was hit with the worst storm to come down on the state in over 500 years. With winds reaching up to 130 mph, Hurricane Harvey rocked the Lone Star State by forcing thousands to evacuate the city of Houston, with dozens of deaths being reported in its aftermath. In response, Donald Trump was criticized, first for his reaction on social media and then during his first trip to the state.

Along with Fist Lady Melania Trump, the president visited Texas twice in the week that followed, with the fist stop being in Corpus Christi where he was accused of holding an almost campaign-style rally where he commented on the large crowds who were there to see him. In an attempt to avoid his previous mistakes and blunders in Texas, Trump has been using Twitter to give updates about Hurricane Irma heading to Florida, which continued during a late-night tweet on September 9.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday night was Donald Trump who decided to tweet out a warning to those who could be effected by Hurricane Irma in Florida.

"The U.S. Coast Guard, FEMA and all Federal and State brave people are ready," Trump tweeted out. "Here comes Irma. God bless everyone!" the president continued. As expected, those who oppose the commander in chief were quick to lash out on social media in return with the storm is just 24 hours away from reaching Florida.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of Donald Trump's tweet about Hurricane Irma, the backlash followed. "Failed president," one tweet read. "I'll never understand why you seemingly root on these storms," a follow-up message wondered.

"You cut Coast Guard budget & have not fully staffed FEMA.

You're incompetent," a Twitter user added. "Remember that time you decided to pull out of the Paris Accord because climate change was fake news? #ClimateChangeIsReal," an additional tweet noted.

"It's not a headliner at a concert my guy," another social media user pointed out. "That's another really weird tweet.

It's like a final farewell. And 'state brave people'? So weird," a tweet noted. As the country waits to see how the hurricane impacts Florida, social media wasn't going to back-down against Donald Trump.