Angelina Jolie, who confirmed split from Brad Pitt on 2016, shared that she is not enjoying her Single Life. In her recent interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the 42-year old actress revealed that she is currently struggling emotionally and it is not the kind of life she wanted. Jolie further added that she might look like handling her life better; however, she just wanted to get through her life every single day. As she continued her statement, Jolie revealed, " I don't enjoy being single. It's not something I wanted. There's nothing nice about it.

It's just hard."

Health issues over the years

According to Entertainment Tonight, apart from her emotional struggle, Jolie was also dealing with different health problems. Back in 2013, Jolie reportedly underwent a double mastectomy. On the other hand, she also got her ovaries removed in 2015. Apart from these problems, the actress also developed hypertension and later on, she was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.

She further added that it had been a very difficult year for her. Apparently, the Hollywood actress has to deal with her life alone, and she found it hard monitoring her health from time to time. Despite the struggles she went through, the award-winning actress remained to have a positive outlook on life.

She believed that eventually, she'd get through all these tough times sooner.

Focusing on motherhood

Amid the emotional struggles that Jolie is facing, the actress revealed that she tried to laugh hard as often as possible. Further, she added that she wanted to enjoy her kids' company more and just to ignore all her stress away.

As of this time, there have been no acting projects and directorial works that she has to deal with. Hence, Jolie revealed that she wanted to focus her time more on her family.

Meanwhile, she also revealed that she planned to go into a cooking class while spending quality time with her children. Jolie also aimed to focus more on her mental health and total well-being.

Getting engaged into a cooking class is one of the means she considered to forget her worries away finally. In one of her statements, the actress continued by saying, "I need to rediscover a little bit of the old me."

As her kids start growing up, she revealed that she wanted to bring back the humor that her life once had. She also looked forward that as her children become teens, eventually, they'll be able to spend more fun times together. It may take a little while before Jolie recovered from her emotional struggle but she remained positive that she will soon overcome her tough times.