Kelly Clarkson reportedly teased her followers a short clip of her newest single on Twitter Sunday. The upcoming music video is slated to be released on September 7, 2017. The 15-second video clip featured flowers blooming, and it left fans speculating that new music is finally in works for the Grammy singer. The 35-year old singer had teased her fans more when she also posted a .gif that featured her sitting in a recording studio along with a headphone on her head.

Clarkson's upcoming gig

Clarkson seemed to have lots of things slated to be done on her plate.

Apart from her upcoming single, she is also reported to appear on the next season of "The Voice," as the coach, which is set to air in 2018. To recall, the Grammy singer used to appear as an adviser for the show. However, she will now sit as one of the coaches alongside Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

In one of her interviews, the award-winning singer revealed that she just cannot wait to turn her chair to the deserving contestants of the show. Further, she also added that she's very excited to give these upcoming artists the kind of support they need to find their break in the singing industry finally. In one of the show's press releases, Clarkson calls out Shelton by saying, "Watch out Shelton, I'm coming to win!!"

Official confirmation

It was quite a long time since Clarkson made her last music release.

As she enticed her fans on Twitter, fans couldn't help but be excited of her confirmation. Just Jared reported that the recent snippet she posted on Twitter was a confirmation of her upcoming tune for release.

Just recently, Just Jared further learned that Clarkson's official website already featured a clock ticking down until September 7, the official Release Date of her newest single.

Apparently, Clarkson's fans and followers have to stay tuned as she will finally drop her new vocals on Thursday, at 6 a.m. ET. Meanwhile, as part of her promotions, the Grammy singer is also set to appear on some shows like "Today," on Thursday. It is expected that Clarkson is giving further details of her new single on that the same day.

As of this time, most of her followers still looked forward to another hint for the possible title and lyrics of her song. Most of them are linking it to the blooming flowers which were featured in her recent video clip revealed on Twitter. Most probably, this will be among the details that the singer will reveal anytime soon prior to the official release of her new sound.