Hollywood Actor Chris Evans shared a short clip on his Twitter account, showing his bonding moment with his dog named Dodger. It was a 14-second video of their sweet reunion last Sunday.

The hunk actor captioned the video shared via his official social media account, “After 10 long weeks.” The video showed the dog on top of Evans’ body on the floor.

He could barely move and talk because Dodger was licking him on his face. He was wearing a simple black-colored top, and denim jeans.

Rescued dog

According to Twist Magazine, Chris Evans rescued the dog back in 2016 while making his movie titled “Gifted.” This is because of the fact that one of the movie scenes was shot at an animal shelter.

This gave the actors some access to these animals. The cast and crew of the movie “Gifted” reportedly took home a total of three dogs, and three cats including Dodger, the magazine said.

Bonding moments

US Weekly compiled some of the Twitter posts of the “Captain America” star, featuring his bonding moments with his dog. One of the most dramatic posts was the photo of the pet dog with eyes closed. He captioned it, “Really missing this guy right now.”

Fans responded to the post, thinking that Dodger has died but the actor made it a point to say that his pooch was just perfectly okay. He tweeted that he is “alive and well,” and he posted that since he was located miles away from his pet dog, and that he missed him so much.

There was also post when Evans and Dodger slept together after being away from each other for one month. An August 17 tweet was symbolically captioned “17 more days,” and showed the dog kissing the actor’s face.


The movie project from where he found the adorable pooch has been making waves at the box-office recently.

“Gifted,” a story of an American family’s struggle to keep itself together, has made almost $25 million in the United States, Daily Mercury reported.

The movie was directed by Marc Webb, who also was the man behind the movies “The Amazing Spider-man” and “500 Days of Summer.” Chris Evans’ role in the movie was a far cry from his previous superhero roles from mainstream commercial movies such as “Avengers” and “Captain America.”

In “Gifted,” he played the role of a single man who raised his niece in a non-traditional way, the Daily Mercury added.

Evans' character was perfect for the role, which required the actor to insert a bit of humor and sarcasm. Director Webb said he had these qualities, and these were factors why the movie became successful at the box-office.