"Serendipity" is the title of the newest teaser video for BTS upcoming album "Love Yourself" featuring only Park Jimin who is part of the maknae line, which means the youngest in Korean, and vocal line of the group. It features the angelic voice of Jimin as well the artistic side of the people behind this video as it is aesthetically beautiful. The response for their teaser trailer has been nothing short of incredible.

24 Hours after its release the video garnered over 7 million views and 1 million likes on Youtube. This is something that many KPop artists cannot do with their music videos but BTS achieved this with their teaser trailer.

Currently, the video has more than 9 million views on Youtube. The group is dominating both Youtube and Twitter and they have been one of the trending topics on Twitter ever since they announced their comeback with the album title "Love Yourself" on September 18. This has resulted in many followers of their Company, Big Hit Entertainment, official Youtube account and the group's official Twitter account.

Park Jimin

This is the first time that the group let one of the vocal line (Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook) take over in their Introduction teaser trailer for their comeback as only the Rap Line (Rap Monster, Suga, JHope) was featured in their past teaser videos. Rap Monster, the leader of the group, admitted that he wrote the lyrics for "Serendipity" and chose Park Jimin as the one to sing the song because he believed that Jimin would be able to pull it off.

BTS is one of the most talented K-pop groups because they are very active in creating their album as they personally write the lyrics and produce some of the songs.

BTS Comeback

Fans have been anticipating the comeback of BTS not just in Korea but also in the United States and worldwide as many people binge-watch their music videos on Youtube.

The group has 7 music videos on Youtube which have more than 100 million views and 2 million likes ("Dope," "Blood Sweat, and Tears," "Spring Day," "Fire," "Not Today," "Save Me" and "Boy in Luv"). Last week, local radio stations in America played some of BTS songs. Wild 94.9 is San Francisco’s most popular radio station, and they played BTS’s “Not Today” two days in a row.

This proves that the group's popularity is not just in Korea but it has also reached as far as the United States.

Check out the newest teaser video of BTS for their upcoming comeback titled "Serendipity" on Youtube.