Female celebrity and model Gigi Hadid was recently seen wearing a pair of jeans with the name of her boyfriend. Zayn Malik printed over the rear area. She was dressed in a pair of light wash and cropped denim with the singer’s name written on top, People reported.

It was a high-waisted pair of jeans with Malik’s first name written in a gold-colored font. It was sewn on the left side of the back pockets. She paired it with a white long-sleeve top and beige-colored textured sweat-shirt.

People described this sweet fashion statement as similar to the way Andy’s character placed his name on his toys in the movie “Toy Story,” only the name was not printed using a marker.

This is not the first time that Hadid featured the name of her boyfriend on her apparel.

Sweet fashion statement

Gigi Hadid has also placed Zayn Malik’s name on her necklace, black-colored bomber jacket, and some shirts. She has reportedly won a tour shirt bearing the male singer’s name, and another shirt that read, “Lol ur not Zayn Malik,” People also noted.

During her latest appearance with the denim, she also carried a small yellow-colored Fendi shoulder bag and her smartphone. The photo that was shared online was taken from the rear side.

Hadid’s apology not accepted?

The female supermodel has recently been tagged as racist because of her comments against the Chinese community. A Twitter post showed Hadid imitating a Buddha cookie in one of the restaurants she visited.

She was shown squinting her eyes while holding the Buddha cookie beside her, leaving her companions laughing at the act.

The Huffington Post reported that she has already apologized for this action. She posted, “I want you all to know that it was never my intent to offend anyone through my actions and I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt or felt down by me.”

The remark has obviously offended the Asians and the Chinese community, as Next Shark reported that many of them did not accept her apology.

According to the September 8 report, netizen Helenyeung wanted Hadid to apologize to the entire Asian community in a “formal way,” and not just through social media.

Other social media users expressed their anger by saying that they will never welcome the female celebrity to China. Some even commented that the apology she posted sounded “insincere.”

Gigi Hadid has been officially chosen as a model for the upcoming Victoria’s Secret 2017 fashion show. The show will be held for the first time in Shanghai, China.