Maci Bookout was shocked when she learned that Hurricane Harvey would be making landfall and thousands of homes were predicted to be destroyed. Bookout has family in Texas so one can imagine that she was thinking about them as the water kept rising. Bookout has revealed that her family is safe, even though she herself lives in Tennessee with her parents, husband and three children. The "Teen Mom OG" star is currently running a business with her husband, Taylor McKinney, and they are having a blast doing so. But since Maci has family in Texas, they wanted to do something to give back.

According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor have created a t-shirt under their "Things That Matter" brand and they are donating proceeds to people in need. As it turns out, they are the only "Teen Mom" stars who have decided to give back. Fans are thrilled about their decision to give back and it is an honor for them to help those in need.

Family in Texas

Perhaps Maci Bookout felt she needed to give back as she has her family in Texas. It is possible that she wanted to do something for those her family loves and cares about. On Instagram, Maci opened up about her family in Texas and how thankful she was that they were alright.

"Thankfully, my family in Texas is safe but many are not.

Many are without homes and shelter and will be for quite a while. We at TTM Lifestyle want to do our part to help these families affected by the storm by donating all profits from these PRAY 4 HOUSTON shirts to the Houston Flood Relief Fund," she revealed on her Instagram page, sharing a picture of the t-shirt they had created to help support those in need.

There is no word yet on how much they have made to give back.

Other stars are slammed for not giving back

Other "Teen Mom" stars have been slammed for not using their platform to bring attention to the people in need. Just last week, Leah Messer was slammed by a follower, who felt that she needed to do more to give back to the people of Houston and Texas.

While Messer has no personal connection to Texas, it sounds like her followers believe she should have done more on social media to encourage her fans to donate money. Maci is currently the only "Teen Mom" star to actively raise money to those in need.

Perhaps people are a bit critical of these "Teen Mom" stars because they are rumored to be making a lot of money. It probably wouldn't hurt for them to donate some of their personal money to people in need, especially as thousands of people are without a home.

What do you think about Maci Bookout's decision to create a t-shirt to help those in need? Are you surprised she's giving back now that her family is in Texas?