Aaron Carter, the 29-year old singer, officially revealed that he is HIV negative after being worried that he has been contracted with the virus. His doctors, however, have warned him of the possible health risks due to being "dangerously skinny." A report from Metro revealed that Carter is underweight for a man of his height.

The singer revealed that he only weighed 115 pounds, which is below the normal weight of a 6-foot man. He was also worried about being too skinny; hence, he decided to undergo some tests. Luckily, several tests revealed that Carter is not contracted with HIV and with other sexually transmitted diseases.

Scariest thing of his life

In one of his interviews, Carter admitted that worrying about his health is one of the most frightening things in life that he has to deal with. He also admitted that he hadn't practiced safe sex his entire life, making him more worried about being contracted by HIVs.

He added that he didn't get his annual check-up and testing. However, a particular time came into his life when he wanted to be safe in order to make people around him safer as well. He was also scared of placing others at risk due to his health condition. Luckily, his doctors found out that no deadly virus was found in his body.

Following his Results, doctors were still worried about his health.

His doctor added that he is definitely not healthy and his body seemed to be "hanging by the thread."

System is weak

According to Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Jorge Rodriguez was the doctor who delivered the results. Though his tests showed negative results for STDs, Dr. Rodriguez revealed that Carter is really physically not fine and his system is very weak.

It was further added that his system is very weak, not even close enough to fight a yeast infection. In line with this, his doctors have prescribed him with the right medication he needed until his body recovers.

Undoubtedly, Carter was relieved after learning about the results. Nevertheless, the singer seemed to take a good look at his health more in order to avoid further complications.

Some prescriptions given to him were also the same medications that doctors gave his sister back in 2012.

Carter was caught in tears when he recalled losing his sister. He added that it became the saddest part of his life. Carter seemed to be at his lowest point right now as he also added that he already lost his career, his brother Nick, and had his parents divorced. Perhaps, he finds it hard starting a new life right now.