"Spider-Man Homecoming" was released on the big screen last July 7 and the viewers definitely had a blast watching the movie. The lighter, humorous side of Spiderman was highlighted in the movie and the numerous cameos also brought more spice to the movie. Zendaya and Tom Holland top billed "Spider-Man Homecoming," and their on-screen chemistry seemed to have raised speculations that they might be dating in real life. Currently, Zendaya and Tom Holland are not in a relationship which might be the reason why dating rumors have begun hounding them.

The young celebrities seemed to have taken notice of the dating rumors encircling them, and have decided to address it through their social media accounts.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Zendaya took to Twitter on Thursday to debunk the rumors that she was dating "Spider-Man Homecoming" co-star, Tom Holland. In the said Tweet, the 20-year old actress seemed to talk about her most favorite dating rumor, something that had to do with her and Holland going on vacations together. Apparently, she has never gone to a vacation in years and even asked Holland about his vacation status.

Are their jokes half-meant?

Tom Holland seemed to get on Zendaya's joke and gamely replied to her question if he has currently gone on a vacation with her.

The "Spider-Man Homecoming" actor then replied, asking if the press tour for the movie counts. It was all clearly light banter between two stars on social media, trying to address the dating rumors about them in a non-formal way.

Their Twitter exchange was out in the open, for all their millions of fans and followers to read.

However, some fans still believe that there is something romantic going on between the two celebrities. According to People, an extremely reliable source has revealed that Zendaya and Tom Holland are really dating.

Super careful to keep it private

According to People, the source revealed that Zendaya and Tom Holland started seeing each other while filming the movie.

The young stars reportedly tried their best to keep things private to the extent of vehemently denying rumors that they are dating.

The source further shared that the "Spider-Man Homecoming" co-stars just click together and have great bantering moments which makes their relationship light and casual on the outside. Does this mean that their latest banter on Twitter addressing dating rumors was just a cover-up and that they are really dating in real life? As of writing, reps for Zendaya and Tom Holland have yet to address the issue.