Billy and Victoria will have an intense argument at some point! A very important decision will get made by Chelsea. Ashley gets forced to do something she’s not exactly comfortable with. Hilary causes someone to get ticked off and more in these upcoming “Young And The RestlessAugust 14 to August 18, 2017, episodes.

Scott’s new look

Everything will start with Monday’s August 14 episode. They revealed that Abby will have a scene in this one. It seems pretty mellow as they just say that she will make a remark about Scott’s new look that he’s decided to take on.

What will this remark entail? That’s an interesting question for that scenario. It sounds like it could be sort of interesting.

Next, they revealed that Benjamin will not have very nice things to say about Billy. They say that Benjamin is going to accuse Billy of being a hypocrite. They didn’t indicate who Benjamin is talking to in this particular scene. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s saying this directly to Billy’s face or if he’s just telling someone else.

No longer living in the house

In this third spoiler teaser for Monday, there’s going to be a scene where Victor will end up telling Nick that he’s no longer living in the house that’s located on his property. How will Nick react to this news?

It sounds like this storyline could get interesting.

Lastly, we’re going to get a real intense scene from Billy and Victoria. They tell us that these two will engage in a big argument! Unfortunately, they didn’t reveal what this argument will be about. So, that’s a question we’ll definitely be looking to see get answered when this episode hits the airwaves in just three days.

Very significant decision

The Tuesday, August 15 episode will offer a major scene with Chelsea. Apparently, she’s going to have a very significant decision that she will be forced to make. What will this intense decision entail? That’s the obvious big question for this situation. It sounds like this plotline could develop into something that’s very dramatic.

Next, they revealed that Mattie’s parents will certainly not be happy with her seeing Reed. They will want her to stop that activity as soon as possible.

Outside of her comfort zone

The Wednesday, August 16 episode is going to feature an intriguing-sounding scene with Ashley. They reveal that she will be forced to do something that will take her outside of her comfort zone. What is this uncomfortable mystery task? Will Ashley be able to do it? Those are the huge questions for that situation. In the Thursday, August 17 episode, we’re going to Jack and Billy engage in some sort of contest. They say that Jack will best Billy in whatever it is. Elsewhere, Cane will be busy spilling Brash & Sassy secrets.

Hilary ticks someone off

Finally, in the Friday, August 18 episode, it’s revealed that Hilary is going to do something that really ticks someone off. Who is this someone that Hilary ticks off? What exactly will Hilary do that ticks this person off? We’re going to have to tune in to find out. Stay tuned.