Kim Kardashian has been the latest target of the media as she has been scolded for allowing her son Saint West to sit in a forward facing car seat. However, Kim was not violating any laws as her son was in the weight allowances to sit forwards in the car seat. The celebrity has recently taken to social media and released a video explaining the true and false tabloid headlines about her and her kids.

The celebrity's parenting skills have been called into control

According to the Daily Mail, Kim Kardashian has been the latest target of the public's criticism as they have called her parenting skills into question.

This began last month when Kim shared a photograph of her son Saint West in a car seat. Many of the public including worried mothers began to comment underneath the photograph stating that Saint should not be sitting in the forward facing car seat.

The public has taken to social media to come together against the celebrity and instead of pointing out a potential mistake, they have commented such things as Kim is a terrible mother who constantly put her kids in danger for the sake of good press. These comments have been very upsetting and Kim has responded in the form of a video titled "FACTS" which she has shared on her personal website.

Kim has responded in a video to the public's claims

According to Refinery 29, Kim Kardashian has released a video in which she talks to her personal assistant Stephanie Shepherd about the latest criticism of her parenting skills.

Kim has stated that other moms can be cruel to the celebrity for these tabloid rumors, which are untrue such as Kim allowing her daughter North to wear a corset, or Kim being a drug addict.

The star went on to explain that she is shocked at how quickly other mothers shame her Parenting Skills when she is still learning how to be a mother.

Instead of being supportive of each other and respectfully pointing out their mistakes to one another Kim has found the mother community to be far more aggressive than one might think.

Kim has stated that she would much prefer if someone were to give her tips and advice about certain situations rather than outright attacking her and her parenting skills.

She has claimed that the headlines about her children are the most difficult ones to read as they are untrue and paint her as a terrible mother when in fact Kim could not love anyone more than her children.

Kim Kardashian has cleared up any concerns over her parenting and has proven that despite the rumors she is a good mother to her children.