"The Young and The Restless" spoilers and updates tease on the events that might happen on Monday, July 10, 2017. Read on for more updates.

Nikki's health gets worse, what will happen to her concert?

According to She Knows, Nick and Victor will have a huge standoff as the date for Nikki's upcoming performance draws near. He wants Victor to cancel the concert as it might affect not only her physical but also her emotional state as well.

Chelsea will know how Nikki struggles under pressure when she sees her having a hard time wearing the necklace. She then tells Nick that Nikki's MS just started again.

After learning the news from Nick, they tell Nikki that they did not really talk about her feelings about the issue. He will then offer that she may cancel everything if she wants to. Will Nikki have a problem before her concert? What will she do next?

Who is Juliet's baby daddy?

"The Young and The Restless" spoilers further hint on what will happen to Cane this week. He and Lily will have a hard time in accepting the truth if the test proves that he is indeed the father of Juliet's baby. Aside from that, Victoria recently fired him from his job.

The results might also affect his relationship with Lily. In the teaser video, she says that this scandal won't happen if only he did not drink or sleep with Juliet.The clip also shows Juliet arriving at the couple's home and shares the news that the results for the paternity test just arrived.

Meanwhile, Lily and Victoria will have a talk regarding her status at the company without Cane in tow.

It seems like Lily will continue her work as an ambassador. Neil suggests that she might have to make some huge decision if the worst thing will happen. What will Lily do once the results are revealed? How will Cane take the baby news?

Other spoilers about 'The Young and The Restless'

Kevin and Bella reveal that their family will leave Genoa soon and the upcoming episode shows how their loved ones will react to the big news.

The outlet says that Kevin and Paul will have an emotional moment together before he left.

Meanwhile, Gloria isn't happy upon hearing of their departure. She calls her son a liar, saying that leaving will have a bad effect on him. However. he stresses that it would be good for him to step out of his comfort zone. Are we going to see Kevin and his family again? Can Gloria move forward without Kevin near her?

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