Quinn is about to face an even greater problem with Sheila! The tensions heat up when Liam and Steffy argue about Bill’s scandalous lie. Eric and Quinn argue over what to do about crazy Sheila. We’ll be seeing the return of Dr. James Warwick. Sally begs for one last shot in regards to Spectra and more in these new “Bold And The BeautifulAugust 14 to August 18, 2017, episodes.

Deviant lie

They kicked things off with two spoilers scoops for the Monday, August 14 installment. The first spoiler reveals that Liam and Steffy will engage in some heavy drama.

Apparently, they will argue over Bill’s deviant lie along with how it should be handled. From what we understand, Steffy is all for the Bill plan. Liam is against it. Will these two ever be able to stop fighting about it? That’s the major question for their current storyline. It sounds quite serious. We should get some good dramatic scenes out of it.

Eric gives Sheila advice

The second scoop reveals that Eric is going to give Sheila some advice in regards to her future plans to pack up and move to Los Angeles, CA. What advice will he give her? That’s the huge question for this particular situation. It certainly sounds like it could get real interesting depending on exactly what he ends up telling her.

They didn’t reveal any other intel about it. So, we’ll certainly have to wait for this episode to air to see how that scenario plays out.

They revealed that Bill will be very busy in the Tuesday, August 15 episode. It turns out that he will formulate a second plan to act as a backup if his first plan doesn’t work. These plans are in regards to his efforts to ensure that he acquires the Spectra building.

Will he eventually take ownership of the Spectra building? That’s the burning question that we’ll be looking to see get answered as this plotline continues to develop.

Whole other level

Next, they revealed that Quinn and Sheila’s issues are going to get taken to a whole other level. If that’s not enough, they say these issues will escalate very quickly and be worse than Quinn previously thought!

What exactly will these problems escalate to? That’s the major question for this storyline. It definitely sounds like it might offer some very intense and dangerous moments between these two.

In the Wednesday, August 16 episode, Sally will be doing everything she can to make sure Spectra stays afloat. At one point, she is going to plead with CJ to give her the opportunity to present one more collection so she can prove that Spectra will be a success. Will CJ give her the shot that she begs for? Or will Sally walk away very unhappy? Hopefully, we’ll see these questions get answered in this specific episode. It sounds like it could get very dramatic.

Major disagreement

In the second Wednesday scoop, they revealed that Quinn and Eric will try to decide what to do about Sheila’s condition.

However, they will have a major disagreement on the subject. What will each of their ideas be? Will they be able to find some sort of middle ground? This is another storyline that sounds like it could offer some very dramatic moments.

In the Thursday, August 17 episode, Steffy will still be on board with Bill’s plan. However, she will warn him that Liam might try to go against him. Elsewhere, Eric is going to give Sheila an ultimatum that will force her to resort to extraordinary measures in an effort to get him to reconsider.

Dr. James Warwick returns

Lastly, Friday’s August 18 episode will feature Eric deciding to bring back Dr. James Warwick to assist in the crazy Sheila situation. There will also be a Sally and Liam scene.

In it, Sally will try to appeal to Liam’s emotional side by offering an explanation of why she wants to keep the Spectra company going. It sounds like they’ll end the week on a very interesting note. Stay tuned.