"Pitch Perfect 3" comes out this December, but does that mean the Barden Bella's journey is over? No, not exactly. While there are currently no plans to produce more movies, Anna Kendrick, who stars as Beca in the films, recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly and teased that the cast would totally be up to reprise their roles in the popular franchise!

Anna Kendrick is up for more Pitch Perfect

When asked if she would be up to come back for at least one more film, Anna Kendrick was all for it. "Hell, yeah. We'd do them forever," she replied, enthusiastically.

Anna's costars, Rebel Wilson and Elizabeth Banks weren't there so co-sign that they would indeed want to come back for another film, but Anna's description of onset events leads one to believe that they would totally be down for it!

While Anna admitted that it can be a little overwhelming to sustain such a rigorous shooting schedule, which she likened to "summer camp," with the same group of people, she also stated that she missed them so much on their off days that she would text them to meet up.

Is there more story to tell?

Anyone who's seen "Pitch Perfect 2" knows that most of the Bellas graduated from college by the end of the film. The fact that the screenwriters have managed come up with a script for a third movie is a quite a feat when you remember that the movies are about college students.

What would a fourth movie even entail?

Kay Cannon, the screenwriter for the franchise, has an idea which might disappoint "Pitch Perfect" purists. When asked about the possibility of a fourth film, she didn't seem all that keen on it, noting that she thinks it would be the end of the Bellas as we know them. She added that a fourth film, should it come to fruition, would bring about a new a new crop of talent.

That said, this wouldn't be the first franchise that found creative ways to keep their audience engaged for years to come, even though they didn't initially intend on continuing. Considering how profitable the Pitch Perfect movies have been for the movie studios, it's highly liked that if the public heads out in droves to see "Pitch Perfect 3," that there will indeed be more films for years to come.

What do you think about Anna Kendrick and the rest of the cast coming back to reprise their roles for "Pitch Perfect" 4, 5 and maybe even 6!? (Anna did say they'd do them forever, after all.)

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