Big Brother 19” spoilers from the live feeds update fans on what is taking place. The “BB19” house is still recovering from an intense Power Of Veto Competition over the weekend, but it is the punishments that have been most noticeable. It has also created a bit of drama between Alex Ow and Elena Davies that is only worsening as the hours tick off the clock.

Among the most important “Big Brother 19” spoilers from this weekend were that Matt Clines won the Power of Veto and that Alex Ow nominated Elena Davies and Jason Dent for eviction. When Jessica Graf got evicted last Thursday night (August 10), it set the stage for Cody Nickson to cause a lot of drama in the “BB19” house, instead, he has been very polite and it is Elena who is making enemies.

What happened during the Veto Competition?

It turns out that Alex Ow had a $5,000 prize in hand and that she was quite pleased with that fact during the Veto Competition. When it was the turn of Elena Davies, rather than going for the Power of Veto, Elena decided to take the $5,000 prize away from Alex. If that wasn’t bad enough, Alex got stuck with a huge penalty that resulted from Elena’s decision.

Every time that a bugle sound is heard in the “BB19” house, Alex has to go set up a campsite and cook hot dogs for the entire cast. These particular “Big Brother 19” spoilers will get revealed during the Wednesday night (August 16) episode, showing just how rough her week has been. These bugle sounds can even occur in the middle of the night, forcing her to get out of bed to set up a tent and begin cooking for the house again.

Alex wants Elena to get evicted ASAP

Elena Davies made Alex Ow into an enemy and it is only getting worse as the weekend continues. Alex has already told the cameras that she will make sure Elena doesn’t make it into the top six this season and that she is now “gunning” to get her out of the game. That could become a focal point of the double eviction episode coming up on August 17.

Did Elena just make herself an enemy that she needed to support her in the next few weeks?

The Veto Ceremony is going to take place on Monday (August 14), where Matt Clines, who won the Power of Veto, has a difficult choice to make. He can save himself and leave Elena Davies and Jason Dent as the two nominees, or he can save one of the other two people so that Alex can name a replacement nominee. That decision alone will provide some very exciting “Big Brother 19” spoilers for the live feeds.