Rebel Wilson became popular in the teenage demographic when she played the role of Fat Amy in "Pitch Perfect." Two movies and a couple of years later, the third installment of the said movie is about to be released but a lot have noticed major changes in the 37-year old actress. The bubbly and perky Aussie actress won the hearts of the viewers and when she started posting photos showing a slimmer version of herself, the fans seemed to have different reactions. Some congratulated the "Pitch Perfect" actress for choosing to trim down and be healthy while some bashed her and accused her of succumbing to Hollywood's beauty standards.

So what's the real deal on Rebel Wilson's weight loss? Was it her own decision to slim down? Or was her decision really influenced by Hollywood's beauty standards? Let's weigh in.

Proud no matter what

Despite the negative comments regarding her weight loss, it seems like Rebel Wilson is proud of her achievements. In fact, she has been incessantly posting snapshots of her trips and activities, showcasing a slimmer and svelter version of herself. On the other hand, loyal fans have continued to congratulate and cheer on the "How To Be Single" actress. In fact, some even asked her for some tips and pointers on how to lose weight.

More roles and projects

After "Pitch Perfect," Rebel Wilson is expected to appear in two new movies, "Isn't It Romantic" and "Nasty Women." According to reports, the Hollywood agents have been noticing the "Bridesmaids" actress and have been making offers left and right.

What really fueled Rebel Wilson to lose weight? According to sources close to the actress, it was a decision made by "The Brothers Grimsby" actress herself, in an attempt to live healthier. It is an established fact that while Rebel Wilson is constantly playing roles of twenty-somethings, she is actually nearing her forties in real life.

What's the secret to Rebel Wilson's weight loss?

The real secret to weight loss seems to be one of the most coveted answers in the world, pretty much like the fountain of youth. According to reports, Rebel Wilson's weight loss picked up speed thanks to a Malibu-based fitness retreat called "The Ranch." The "Pitch Perfect" actress confirmed these reports herself as she posted a photo of her on Instagram and captioned it with nothing but praises for the four-day retreat that she experienced. It looks like the actress is really determined to shed the weight and keep it from coming back.