Donald Trump is only seven months into his presidency, but it's clear that Melania Trump isn't as present as past first ladies. It took Melania Trump almost five months to even move from their New Jersey home into the White House with her son, Barron, an incident that drew ire from both her supporters and detractors.

Melania Trump isn't as involved as past First Ladies

Unlike Michelle Obama, who dived into her role with enthusiasm, it seems that Melania just doesn't enjoy the duties that come along with her husband's presidency, as evidenced by her regular trips back to Trump Tower and the time it’s taken her to dedicate time to a cause.

With Michelle Obama, it was fighting child obesity. She often advocated for schools to improve the quality of the food that they served their students, and launched several initiatives to get kids up and moving. It's unclear exactly which cause the current First Lady plans to tackle.

She first stated that she would tackle cyber bullying, however, she hasn't gotten off to a great start. There have recently been rumblings that Melania Trump planned to advocate for the opioid abuse problem in the U.S, but that remains to be seen as well. It's unclear why Melania hasn't been at the forefront of Donald Trump's presidency as other First Ladies or if she will ever step up. What is clear, however, is that Melania Trump definitely enjoys her alone time.

Melania Trump values her alone time

Melania Trump has snuck off to Trump Tower several times since she moved into the White House, and it's clear that she doesn't mind being away from Donald Trump for a few days at a time. While some people may think that Melania's need for time to herself is a side effect of her newfound status, she's apparently been doing this for years.

Express recently dug up a 2011 interview of Melania in which she spoke on how she deals with Donald Trump's hectic schedule. According to her, he doesn't mind her need to unwind by herself. In fact, he encourages it.

"He's a great husband, very understanding if I need time for myself. We are both very independent," she said.

"He works in the office and I work at home. And he understands that, if I say I need an hour, I'm going to take a bath or I'm going to have a massage, he doesn't have anything against it."

What do you think about Melania's admission that she values her alone time? Do you think that she should be more present as the First Lady? Or, do you believe that she deserves time to herself, considering the magnitude of her husband's job? You can add your thoughts to the comment section below.