Taylor Swift hasn’t exactly received the reception she was probably hoping for with her latest single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” which has been declared by many as a Kanye West diss track. If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s a little recap of the drama. In 2016, months after Taylor’s infamous social media spat with Kanye West over whether or not he pre-approved explicit lyrics about her, Kim Kardashian released a secret recording of their phone call to social media, which proved that Taylor Swift she was at least partially aware of the vulgar content in West’s songs

Because of this, some people started calling Taylor a snake and questioned whether her good girl persona was genuine.

After a post to Instagram to defend herself against the accusations, Taylor Swift disappeared from social media.

After a year-long hiatus from the spotlight, “Look What You Made Me Do” seems to be the singer's response to all of the negative press, but many people think she’s still playing the victim. To top things off, Swift is also being accused of appropriating black and gay culture in the music video, which is what’s garnered the most criticism

Taylor Swift promoting segregation?

Near the end of the video, Swift has a dance sequence in which she wears black bottoms and a cut-off shirt. Behind her are a crew of gay men -- some black, some white. It appears that the white men are on one side, and the black men on the other.

Some people on social media question whether or not she was promoting segregation. She has also been accused of having a fetish gay men and using them men as props. One of the men in the video, singer/dancer Todrick Hall, has also come under fire for his role in the video.

Todrick Hall speaks out

Because Todrick is both black and gay, many felt that he prioritized getting paid over doing what they feel is “right.” Among other things, Todrick has been called a “coon” and a “sellout.

There have also been rumblings that Taylor Swift might be an undercover Trump supporter, so they didn’t like that Todrick would appear in Taylor Swift’s music video.

Todrick has now spoken out about the drama and defended Swift and himself in the process. Speaking to Yahoo, Todrick Hall expressed his confusion over the rumors that she was pro-Trump.

Taylor, who he says is his friend, has never hinted at being pro-Trump. He also claimed that, during Thanksgiving last year, he, Taylor and a group of their friends had in depth conversations about race and politics and that he felt free in doing so.

As for whether Taylor Swift will ever be more vocal about her political affiliations, Todrick said that he thinks that she may one day speak out about things important to her, though he added that she would probably be ridiculed no matter what.

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